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Explain the process for aging a document

Module 07: Questioned Document Examination

Module Introduction

This module looks at the science of Questioned Document Examination (QDE), including the types of evidence that can be examined by QD document examiners, the science and technology that underlies handwriting and handwriting comparison, and the class and individual characteristics applicable to handwriting. Also discussed is the examination of documents produced by typewriters, printers, and copiers.

Module Objectives

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:
1. Identify the wide variety of evidence that can be examined
2. Summarize the major steps in preparing a document
3. Understand the science and technology that underlies handwriting and handwriting comparison
4. Recognize the importance, and proper methods, of collecting known writing sample
5. Explain the examination of documents produced on typewriters, computer printers, and copy machines
6. Described the techniques for deciphering print on charred documents
7. Summarize the techniques used to look for and read indented writing on a document
8. Explain the process for aging a document (determining when a document was written).

Module Activities

Address the following learning activities for successful completion of this module:
• Read Chapter 7 (pp. 151 – 175).
• Review the Power Points for Chapter 7
• Complete the following assignment:
Part A: Answer the following review questions – short answer on page 175 (worth up to 10 points): 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Part B: Answer the following fill-in-the-blank & multiple choice questions on pages 175 (worth up to 10 points): 1 through 5.

Part C: Review the YouTube Video Questioned Document Examination

This video is also located in the folder titled Course Videos in the Course Menu.

Part D: Visit the following web site on Questioned Document Examination ( and complete the following (worth up to 10 points):

1. After reading the entire document, explain (in your own words – no copy and paste) the physiology of handwriting production. Hint: Include something from each of the sections to sufficiently address this question (i.e. physiology, motor control system, handwriting, and natural range – to include class and individual characteristics) (worth up to 7 points).

2. List and explain the “other” factors that can affect handwriting (i.e. physical, environmental)? (Worth up to 3 points.)

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Save your work on your computer using a file name that you will remember for the work associated with this module (for example, Module 7). Once you have saved your work to your computer, click on the Assignments box and submit your work for Module 7 as a single attachment.

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