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Explain the nature and causes of police misconduct, the need for police accountability, and strategies for managing police integrity.

Choose one of the following topics:

1. Explain the nature and causes of police misconduct, the need for police accountability, and

strategies for managing police integrity.

2. Analyse ethical dilemmas in policing and examine strategies for developing a culture of

integrity in police work.

Please note the following important points related to the essay questions.

1. For question 1, in regard to integrity strategies, students should discuss a wide range or identify the

range and then concentrate on a few (at least three).

2. For question 2, ethical formalism and utilitarianism must be used when analysing dilemmas. There is

no need to go into detail, but you need to be able to demonstrate the ability to apply theories to ethical issues.

3. Also with the ethics topic, essays may either pay equal attention to a range of ethical dilemmas or

briefly discuss the range and then concentrate on a close analysis of at least two.

4. With both topics, locate your analysis in the wider context of public sector ethics and accountability

(Week 2).

5. Also keep in mind that this course takes a national and international perspective. The particular laws or

structures of any one jurisdiction are only relevant as examples of general principles or options


Essay Criteria

Normal academic standards will apply in this unit. Remember especially to integrate and rewrite material that is not quoted directly. Essential criteria for the assignment:

• The introduction provides a summary answer to the whole question.

• Paragraphs are focused on one theme.

• Paragraph topic sentences introduce the theme.

• All sources of information are referenced, not just quotes.

• Referencing is as precise as possible, using the APA referencing style.

• The bulk of the essay is written in the student’s own words.

• Quotations are short and explained in the student’s own words.

• All relevant set material is used (see “Set Texts” below, additional material is not required).

• Internal students must include information from the lectures.

• Examples are used to illustrate abstract points.

• Key words and concepts are explained.

• Different perspectives are compared and contrasted.

• Proposed solutions are related to analysis of the causes of problems.

• The arguments clearly relate to the topic.

• There is a focus on problems, issues, debates and conflicts.

• The essay keeps to the word limit.

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