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Explain the meanings of the terms truth and belief as Sober defines these terms.

Philosophy of Truth and Belief
The paper should be 6 double-spaced pages long (roughly 1800 words) and should be a focused responseto the topic questions below. No specific format just use in text citations!!!
Focus on Sober’s Chapters 1 and 2. (Look especially closely at pages 3 & 16-17 in your textbook.) Sober explains that, as a general rule, believing something, no matter how strongly you believe it is not enough to make that belief true. (In fact, he argues that the phrase “it’s true for me” makes no sense.)
You will analyze this topic. Explain the meanings of the terms truthand beliefas Sober defines these terms. Then, provide a summary of Sober’s description of the relationshipbetween truth and belief. To explain the relationship fully, include an explanation of the difference between subjectivityand objectivity.
Once you have set out the definitions of truth and belief, explain what wishful thinkingis. Give at least one original example of wishful thinking to show your understanding of this concept. Then explain what a self-fulfilling prophecyis. Again, give at least one original example to show that you understand this concept well.
Last, offer your own thinking. Give a reasoned analysis of how you think the ideas of wishful thinking and self-fulfilling prophecies to the case of religious belief of faith.
Draft Editing Checklist:Does your paper:
• ✓ Offer a clear explanation of Sober’s use of the term truth
• ✓ Offer a clear explanation of Sober’s use of the term belief
• ✓ Explain the dividing line between the subjective realm and the objective realm
• ✓ Explain why the phrase “true for me” blurs the division between subjective and objective
• ✓ Give examples that you invented to show what wishful thinking is
• ✓ Give examples that you invented to show what a self-fulfilling prophecy is
• ✓ Offer your own reasoned analysis of how self-fulfilling prophecies and wishful thinking apply to the case of faith
• ✓ Terms to define:
• ✓ Belief & Truth (short)
• ✓ Subjective & Objective (short)
• ✓ Faith (short)
• ✓ Wishful Thinking (detailed)
• ✓ Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (detailed)
General Information for Both Topics:
• Remember that you are striving to offer your refined opinions backed up by reasoned arguments.This requires careful thought on your part. It also requires the ability to identify weaknesses in your position and to account for objections to your view.
• Do not reply on sources besides the textbook. In Sober and Nagel’s texts, you will find arguments that are helpful in your thinking about this question. You are welcome to quote, paraphrase, and summarize them as needed as support for your own thinking about this issue. Make sure to attribute ideas and words from these authors to them.
Style Notes:Use the method of in-text citation(also known as parenthetical citation) to cite your sources. No cover page or works cited page is necessary, but you may include a works cited page if you like. For other matters of style, refer to the MLA guide, APA guide, or whichever academic style manual you use.
Here are three guiding questions when using sources:1) Is the source I am using a permitted source? 2) Am I announcing the source, so that my readers know that I am presenting words and/or ideas that are not my own 3) Have I given a citation that is enough for a reader to look up the source for herself?

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