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Explain the legal and regulatory factors that impact recruitment and selection decisions.

Focuses on people as strategic resources whose availability and capabilities influence organizational effectiveness. Strategies for attracting, assessing, acquiring and withdrawing personnel are studied. Implications of planning and implementing staffing policies are discussed.


1) Explain the legal and regulatory factors that impact recruitment and selection decisions.
2) Discuss the selection and placement aspects of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and identify the anti-discrimination requirements for implementing EEO and affirmative action plans.
3) Discuss the recruitment process and describe how to select internal and external sources to match the organization’s recruitment strategy.
4) Demonstrate an understanding of the selection process and explain how to design the appropriate selection strategies including the use of application forms, interviews, pre-employment testing, drug screening, and medical examinations.
5) Integrate career planning and development in order to accommodate both organizational and individual needs when designing career paths for employees.
6) Explain and integrate the core values of Integrity, Respect and a Sense of Community as related to staffing, recruitment and selection issues.


A. 2 examinations (30%)
B. 4 Applied Assignments (20%)
C. 8 Discussion Board Postings (24%)
D. 1 Term Paper (26%)

A. Exams/Quizzes:
o Examinations may be a combination of true/false, multiple-choice, short answer and essay questions.
B. Applied Assignments:
o Applied Assignments should include opportunities to practice applied techniques related to the topics covered in that Module’s course readings. These should occur regularly throughout the course. Recommend written reports of 2-4 pages each, with additional reference page (if applicable).
C. Discussion Board Postings or in-class discussion:
o Students must participate actively in the weekly discussion by contributing a response to each Discussion Question and 2 reactions to peer’s response on EACH question.
o Students should provide support for arguments, observations and conclusions including properly formatted text citations and references.
D. Term Paper/Project (may be an applied project):
o Students should research, prepare, and submit a paper or report on a course-related topic. This project should further develop and expose students to one or more specific course topics including (but not limited to):
 Legal issues related to recruitment, selection & placement
 Specific techniques, topics or issues relevant to recruitment
 Specific techniques, topics or issues relevant to selection
 Specific techniques, topics or issues relevant to placement
o Students may choose topic or instructor may assign topic; this may be completed as a single assignment or broken up into several shorter assignments.
o Recommend final draft or component of the paper or project to be due during Module 7. See course materials or website for suggested term paper topics and details.


Learning Outcome Assessment Method(s)
1 A, B, C, and D
2 A, B, C, and D
3 A, B, C, and D
4 A, B, C, and D
5 A, B, C, and D
6 A, B, C, and D
7 A, B, C, and D

The following distribution will be used in assigning grades (decimal points will be rounded to the nearest whole number at semester’s end)

Grade Percentage
A Exceptional 94% to 100%
A- Superior 90% to 93%
B+ Excellent 87% to 89%
B Very Good 84% to 86%
B- Good 80% to 83%
C+ Above Average 77% to 79%
C Average 74% to 76%
C- Below Average 70% to 73%
D+ Marginal 67% to 69%
D Poor 60% to 66%
F Failure Below 60%


Module Content
Module 1 • Personal introduction to class members
• Read Chapters 1 & 2
• Discussion
Module 2 • Read Chapter 3
• Assignment
• Discussion
Module 3 • Read Chapter 4
• Assignment
• Discussion
Module 4
• Read Chapter 5 & 6
• Exam 1
• Discussion
Module 5 • Read Chapter 7
• Assignment
• Discussion
Module 6: • Read Chapter 8
• Assignment
• Discussion
Module 7: • Read Chapters 9 & 10
• Term Paper Due
• Discussion
Module 8: • Read Chapters 11, 12, 13
• Exam 2
• Discussion

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