Explain the influence of the Egyptian military in the economy of Egypt, in terms of the labor force

I already made an order for this before and you completed it. However, in the order I stated that I would have to add 800 words extra cause the first order was just a first draft. I would like you to continue on the paper. I will attach the order you made and also copy the same comments I made on the last order so you can understand how to continue writing.

“I need this paper done really quickly and efficiently. I will provide all the sources you need to write the paper. You are going to talk about the Influence of the Egyptian military in the economy of Egypt, in terms of the labor force. The topic for this course is the ‘deep state’ so you are trying to convince the audience that the Egyptian military controls the egyptian economy through the labor force. My thesis is: The Egyptian military control a percentage of the Egyptian economy and influences the labor force through taxation, rations, and by seizing revenue generating areas including land. This distorts the market and makes it unable for Egypt to achieve a free market economy. I will attach a word document that contains the introduction of the paper. You will then need to add onto this introduction. These are the major points you need to address throughout the paper: -The Egyptian military acquires cheap labor in the form of recruits. How the Egyptian military influences the labor force through benefits. How the Egyptian military acquires revenue Is the military against a free market economy in Egypt? Did the Egyptian military manipulate the media for their own economic benefits during the reign of Morsi You MUST read all the sources in order to address these points and make the paper. Please make this paper look good if you do not understand anything about the Egyptian economy then find another writer to write about it.

The sources are:

Abul-Magd, Zeinab. “The Army and the Economy in Egypt” Jadaliyya. 23 December 2011. 13 October 2014 Allahpundit. “Did Egypt’s “deep state” sabotage Morsi?” Hot Air. 11 July 2013. 17 September 2014 Arrott, Elizabeth. “’Deep State’ Feared, Welcomed in Split Egypt.” Voice of America. 29 July 2013. 17 September 2014 Childress, Sarah. “The Deep State: How Egypt’s Shadow State Won Out.” PBS. 17 September 2013. 15 September 2014 Hill, Jess. “Will Egypt’s Workers Rise Up Again?” The Global Mail. 15 February 2014. 12 October 2014 Heineman JR, Ben W. “General Sisi’s Greatest Enemy: The Egyptian Economy” The Atlantic. 27 March 2014. 10 October 2014 Kirkpatrick, David D. “Egyptian Say Military Discourages an Open Economy” The New York Times. 17 February 2011. 13 October 2014 Masri, Rajai. “Egypt: The Deep State and Democracy.” Fair Observer. 19 July 2013. 19 September 2014 Naguib, Rime. “Boycott them: Activists raise awareness about military’s economic Empire.” Egypt Independent. 12 February 2012. 13 October 2014 Rivlin, Paul. “Sisi as Sisyphus: Egypt’s Economic Emergency” Tel Aviv University. 22 June 2014. 13 October 2014 Saleh, Heba., and Daragahi, Borzou. “Egypt’s ‘deep state’ claws back freedoms.” FT. 20 June 2012. 21 September 2014 Sennott, Charles M. “Egypt’s ‘deep sate’ never left.” Global Post. 16 September 2013. 21 September 2014 Wilkinson, Kim. “Reflection on Egypt: de-Brotherhoodisation feloul and the Depp State.” The Strategist. 18 September 2013. 19 September 2014 Woertz, Eckart. “Egypt: return of the deep state.” Open Democracy. 20 January 2014. 16 September 2014

If you want to include additional sources its OK to do so.
NOTE: Please read the rubric and the paper to understand how to continue. I had a problem with the last order that the writer kept explaining the topic to me and didnt focus on HOW the military influence the labor force. So I would like you to PROVIDE STATISTICS and any other evidence to convince the reader. Evidence such as: analogical, statistical, anecdotal, and testimonial

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