Explain the impact of the budgeting process in small and medium sized businesses in the EU

Project description
The dissertation proposal given for this subject is:
The purpose of this dissertation is to analyse and examine the relationship between the budget and the actual performance of businesses. As we have seen from previous research there have been problems between budgeting and performance in small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s).
The objectives of this dissertation are:
To investigate the theoretical impact of budgeting on performance in small and medium sized businesses
To establish and outline how to measure performance in small and medium sized businesses.
Finally, to understand how budgeting affects the performance of SMBs in the EU.

The data I will be using will be both primary and secondary data. The primary data, which is a quantitative research, will be acquired by a survey that I will personally send via email to small companies and by visiting different companies around the EU and UK. The survey will consist of 10-15 questions approximately, and will ask about the company’s budget process, how it affects performance, etc. This questionnaire will be anonymous, so no personal information of the business owner will be required. After collecting the data for the questionnaire I will analyse said data with statistical analysis. The secondary data that will be used will be from past articles relating to the budgeting process and to the affect it has in different areas.

As mentioned above I will be following the ethical guidelines provided from the University, while interacting with the different companies that will take part in the questionnaire.

I would like to have primary and secondary data, and the primary data should be form a questionnaire. If not possible to have primary data then base it all on secondary data.

I would like it have 15% plagiarism in the dissertation.

The table of contents for the dissertation is:
Table of contents
1Chapter 1: Introduction ( 1000 words)
1.2Objectives of research
1.3Research Questions
1.4Methodology Design
1.5Key literature Summary

2Chapter 2: Literature Review (4000 words)

2.1Budgeting Process
2.2Budgeting Planning and Budgetary Control
2.3The impact of firm size on budgeting process and control
2.4Definition of small and medium sized firms
2.5Performance measurements in small and medium sized firms

3Chapter 3: Research Methodology ( 1500 words)
3.1Research Approach
3.2Data collection and analysis
3.3Ethical consideration

4Chapter 4: Data Presentation and Analysis ( 2500 words)
4.1Presentation of findings
4.2Reason in participating in questionnaire
4.3Sample Selection
4.4Analysing Quantitative data
4.5Description of results: Budgeting process and performance data

5Chapter 5: Conclusion (1000 words)


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