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Explain the effects of stress and how it affect people’s health at work

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Need to respond to the student’s forum posting (not as a teacher) but provide comments (what you like and agree on in regards to their posting) and also provide additional insight and ask questions either throughout the response or at the end that would help in initiating feedback. Please note that sources must be current sources and Wikipedia and anonymous sources do not count as a source. **Please note that since this is a response back to a student title page is not required, just need to have the response along with references used**

Posting of Student Responding To:

One of the primary concerns that affect people’s health at work is stress. Stress, according to Dias, can manifest itself in multiple ways from positive stress called eustress, to chronic stress, hyperstress and hypostress all of which a can play a major role in the mental well- being of an employee (pg301-302, 2012). Stressors can come from multiple events in life as well including relationships, work environment, physical health, sleep habits, finances, substance abuse, and bullying. For employers and managers, once it has been identified that the employee is suffering from the effects of stress it is then time to have a counseling session with them to lend help and support in whatever way is feasible.

There are multiple ways in which a workplace can reduce stress and many of them cost little money. For instance, according to Hill “workplace counselling services and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are becoming increasingly common (2000). These sessions, along with coaching ones as well, can bolster an employee’s self-worth and provide an opportunity for motivation and reflection on current events. Counseling also allows for the employee to sense that they are needed and being monitored for success. This can pay huge dividends both short and long term.

The U.S. unemployment rate may be falling, but stress levels continue to rise among workers as more than eight in 10 employed Americans said they are stressed out on the job amid heavier workloads and low pay, according to data released today in the 2013 Workstress survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College (Global News Wire, 2013). With this information in mind, and the economy struggling to recover from the past few years, it is a safe assumption that there will be consistent or increased rates of stress for workers over the course of the next ten years. During this time it will be important for employers to stay vigilant in regards to reducing employee stress, limit stressors in the workplace, and provide for an environment that does not allow stress to manifest itself into something greater. While this will be a challenge for all involved it will benefit the employee, corporation, and community in the long run.

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