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Explain the effect of social media to mental health and addictive behaviors

Continuation/Revision of the Order 218386343.

in introduction these questions are not answered :What is the history of the problem,phenomena, or issue?
Who are the parties involved?
What is their relationship to the problem,phenomena, or issue?
How are they related to problem?(are they causing it or effected by it)?
How long has the problem been in existence?
How wide spread is the problem?
How ‘successful’ have past interventions (as defined by what criteria)? In what sense might the event or its concept be controversial (in whose eyes, and why)? (etc.)
Why the current study was performed?
What did you do(methods)?
What did you conclude?
like we should write Children and teenagers are increasingly using social media. This is accompanied by a surge in addiction to application like ()
Social media addiction has become a problem lately…first publication leads to job loss, decreased socialiabklity

the part of ” why it is called addiction” has to be in the introduction

Secondly,Methods( it is not like this in the paper , i should answer this)
What is the purpose of the study?
What is the method of the study(survey, case study, interviews,etc)?
Why did the researcher select this method ?
What did the the researcher collect?

Sampling and Participants
Was it random ( it is equally likely that anyone from the general population would be selected)
Was it non random( did you select a group of people)?
Was participation voluntary?
Was it anonymous?
Why was this approach chosen?
How have you organized the sampling/What are the categories ?
What were the criteria for inclusion/exclusion?
What are the relevant demographics (Particular age group, gender, social class,
Urban, rural, suburb)?
Begin with a paragraph that answers
What was the purpose of the study?
What did you investigate?
What did you hope to shed light on, examine, prove?
What did the data collection determine?
Structured to lead the reader to a conclusion
What was the response rate(how many participants were in the study?
What did you find out?-Go question by question or structure it by concept. Maintain the same sequence of ideas throughout.
Are there any correlations?
Fourth, Discussion
Use the following questions to help you start.
What did you understand about social media addiction based on your study?
Why did this occur?-
What is the context of the study?
If you have a hypothesis, has it been strengthened, weakened or falsified?
What are the principal conclusions have you drawn?-How do they relate to the literature?
What are the correlations?
What did not correlate?
Is it possible to generalise?
Are there alternative explanations?
What are the implications of your findings?
Is more research needed?
Make recommendations (to be applied in practice).
Fiveth, Conclusion
What is the argument that you can make about social media addiction based on your results?
All research projects will have “limitations”: this does not diminish the findings of what was discovered, confirmed or disproved with the plan and material which was used; it simply recognizes that, had it been possible to conduct the project differently (with more complete material, a longer time frame, etc.) the results could or would have been different.
I need a complete revision as possible as it is urgent

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