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Explain the difference between the pan and truck camera techniques.

International Business

Part A. Answer each of the following questions in one or two paragraphs.

1. What does its balance of payments (BOP) reveal about a country? Include in your explanation the relevance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the importance of the U.S. dollar, and special drawing rights (SDR).

2. Describe the global and transnational strategies for competing internationally.

3. Market analysis and assessment identifies a small number of viable markets by eliminating those that are unattractive. Define the first three steps in the recommended sequence of market screening covered in your textbook, in order.

Part B: Answer each of the following questions in one of four sentences.

1. Briefly define the terms international business and foreign business.

2. Briefly define culture.

3. Explain the three characteristics of sustainable business practices.

4. What are the four kinds of trade events the U.S. Department of Commerce organizes to help locate foreign representatives and make sales?

5. Three Sources of staffing for IC executives ate the home country, a host country, or a third country. Briefly define the four possible staffing policies.

6. Briefly list four advantages of focusing attention on a nation that’s already a sizable purchaser of goods from the would-be exporters country.

7. What are the two kinds of currency floats? Briefly describe them and how they work.

8. Name the following international economic institutions and explain the purpose of each:

a. WTO



9.Briefly describe translation exposure and how it can affect a company’s financial statements.

10. What does the term reverse brain drain mean? What factors have contributed to this phenomenon?

Advertising Principles

Part A. Answer each of the following questions in a composition of one or two paragraphs.

1.You’re an account executive who has received job offers from a full-service agency, a creative boutique, and an interactive agency. Describe the differences among these types of agencies.

2. You’re an account manager who plans to use the objective-and-task budgetary method. Explain the steps you’ll take in doing this, and justify your reasons for selecting this approach.

3. Several government agencies are responsible for regulating advertising. Examine the duties and powers of three of these agencies.

Part B: Answer each of the following questions in two to five sentences.

1.The objective of your advertising campaign is to persuade the consumer to purchase a product. Choose four advertising method to achieve this goal.

2. What is a click-through? How frequent is the click-through rate?

3. You’re a sales representative for a sporting goods manufacturer. Compare the push strategies of point-of-purchase displays and incentives.

4. Distinguish between the offset lithography and plateless printing processes. As the art director of a newspaper ad, which of these processes would you use and why?

5. What advertising techniques are used to reach (a) members of business organizations and (b) governmental employees?

6. Your advertising agency represents a fast-food chain. You’re asked to complete a competitor analysis and an industry analysis for the advertising plan. What type of data will you get from each analysis?

7. A company wishes to improve its corporate image through advertising. Explain the differences between an advocacy ad campaign and a cause-related ad campaign.

8. Contrast the goal of primary demand stimulation with that of selective demand stimulation.

9. Choose one barrier to successful international advertising and describe one way advertisers can overcome it.

10. Explain the difference between the pan and truck camera techniques

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