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Explain the designed ERA diagram model and the function purpose Why to design this topic information management system database ?

Database Systems Analysis and Design

This file is my official assessment requirement given by the lecturer .

The lecturer is very strict and fail rate is pretty high, so please write better and guarantee the quality, thank you .

My comments are added in the “ ( ) ”.
please read the assessment requirement file.
I have attached my design diagrams and table .
Database design

1. Students should design a database which will provide information about some things or persons which would be useful to a specific user or user group. ( I have designed a tourism management information database diagram for a travel agency and normalization table, so the writer do not need to do this step .)

2. Test your database to assess whether it functions as designed. NB this only needs be logical testing. You may implement your design for test using any appropriate software available to you if you so wish; but this is not a requirement, and you will not gain any marks for implementation per se. (This means that do not need to describe or use any computer software to check it, such as SQL. )
3. Write and submit a reflective design report, which should include complete, appropriate data models, commenting on the above processes.


1) The focus of this exercise is on design, not implementation. Implementation is not required, although you may make a test implementation to allow testing of the design if you wish, but this will not be assessed per se.

2) The subject of the database may not be primarily bibliographical, although general bibliographic items may be included, as the appropriate design of data structures for your subject matter is a key part of the assessment.
3) You will need to create some test data to prove the system but this need not be extensive , depending on the nature of the data, perhaps 10-12 records .( This is related to the logical test. such as the researcher can create some data at random. this aims at checking the database could achieve the intended purpose. and do not need to write so much . )

4) The Report should contain (a) complete and appropriate data model(s) (ERA diagrams in SSADM LDS notation, normalisation tables explicitly showing UNF, 1NF 2NF and 3NF with keys ) (Important! This decides the report structure and content. ) And outline and explain your development of this database, from the data analysis stage (data investigation and data modelling), through to its test implementation, commenting on the design decisions you have made, any problems you encountered and any weaknesses perceived. Data should be normalised to 3NF and transitions and keys made clear.

(The writer needs to extend and think of more ideas for each one. I believe when reading and analyze the diagram, the writer could find more ideas .

I am not sure but may be that the data analysis stage includes

Who is for? the user group, their requirement.
What is it? explain the designed ERA diagram model and the function purpose
Why to design this topic information management system database ? analyse the society or company or something else requirement or reason or given meanings .
why design the diagram like this ? Introduce the diagram and explain the entity and their relationships and reasons why to design like this…..

What kind of aims or functions are this could achieve? the researcher could think of some idea when analyzing my models.

Some advantages: consider more possibilities, such as consider one possible is that the travellers can book their transportation and do not followed with tour group….but of course, the writer needs to think of more points ….

My explanation is a little bit messy but I expect the writer could understand it . As for the problems, the writer could imagine what kind of problems I had faced. )
5) You should make clear reference to the intended user group and highlight any particular needs of that group, and where they have been accommodated in the design. You should include a printout or diagram of the structure of the database file(s) as intended for implementation with your sample data (full listing of several records), provide some evidence of testing, e.g. test query logic and actual or predicted output on those records, and discuss any constraints.
(Such as through the model, it can predict that Mr Smith will live in XXX hotel in Room No XXX on 5, May in London.)

6) You do not need to describe principles of database theory or analysis in this report – it should be focused on your particular design implementation. You may, and indeed should, refer to aspects of standard methodology where it is relevant to your design decisions, problems etc. (This means that do not need to only write theory about general database concept or knowledge, because this report is specific, so the report should be centered with my design diagram)
NB You are not required, or intended, to submit an implemented database for assessment. Assessment is purely based on your design report, against the criteria listed above.

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