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Explain the author’s purpose in telling the story: “To live in the border lands means to” by Gloria Anzaldua

Introduction: Start by generating interest. Do this by telling a story, presenting an unexpected fact, sharing a quote, asking a question, relating your topic to recent news, relating your topic to you personally, or giving background information. Whichever you choose, make sure it directly relates to your topic.
identify the title and author of the story, with the titles enclosed in quotation marks, and write a summary of the story in chronological order. Do not go into detail or analyze in the summary; simply highlight the events of the story that are most salient to your argument.
Explain the author’s purpose in telling the story: What is the central idea or the main point? This should be a general statement about people, society, human nature, etc., that is derived from specific events in the story. It’s a generalization from the story that reflects the author’s vision of the world.
Present your thesis in three point structure so that it provides a blueprint for the rest of your essay.
In your body, you will incorporate the element of setting. Identify the salient elements of setting, being as specific as possible. Discuss how setting helps reflect the central idea of the story by focusing on the role it plays in the particular story being examined. Such discussion will normally consider whether the setting symbolizes, contrasts, or emphasizes some aspect of the story; sets a tone or mood; or shows the effects an historical time or a specific place have on characters. Any or all three topics may be discussed, depending on the story’s use of setting. You will choose two other literary elements to include in your analysis as well.
The body should be comprised of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. You should then present the evidence that supports your point by quoting from one or more of your sources, and then explain in your own words what the quote means and how it supports your claim. End each paragraph with a transition into the next topic.
Start your conclusion by restating your thesis in different words than you used in your introduction.
Briefly summarize your main points.
Go out with a quote, prediction, invitation, or challenge. Remember, If you can’t imagine dropping the mic after the final sentence of your essay, then your conclusion needs to be stronger.
A Note on Titles:
For a title that is scholarly in nature, create a two part title separated by a colon. The first part is usually a short quote from the text or a brief generalization. The second part explains what the first part means and indicates the content of the essay.
This paper has the same source requirement as the previous paper:
one primary source (i.e., one text from the syllabus chosen for analysis)
one academic secondary source (i.e., one journal article from JSTOR)
one general secondary source (e.g., one relevant and credible source selected from the open internet)

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