Explain T-Mobile’s Revenue for last 40 quarters.

no plagiarism maximum is 8%.
This paper is a report about my excel that was based on T-Mobile’s Revenue for last 40 quarters.
I have done forecast for the next 5 quarters. My regression line is my forecast I didnt use the formula for the model, why I didnt know, please make it clear while u write.
I will attach all files that u needed and an example of how the paper should be written.
If u misunderstand anything please contact me via, so that I can help with anything that u didt understand in the excel. For the paper please dont use the steps that i have done in the excel, I need explanation, nice report to my boss.
I will attach all materials u need, this paper worth 30% of my grade please contact me in case u have problem.
Link to data that u need to put on the paper
Thank u

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