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Explain should student writers be subject to having their work checked by anti-plagiarism software? Why or why not?

Develop a thesis statement on the topic of electronic policing and anti-plagiarism software and write an argumentative essay. Your chosen topic needs to be specific and might address a question like the ones you see in these examples: Should student writers be subject to having their work checked by anti-plagiarism software? Why or why not? Is anti-plagiarism software an effective deterrent to stealing published work? Why or why not? You may choose another topic regarding electronic policing as well; just be sure that your main thesis addresses the topic of electronic policing. Strive for at least three strong arguments in addition to a counterargument and refutation (this resource [pdf] will help you craft your counter argument and refutation). Using argumentative topic sentences that include your opinion for each section can help ensure the majority of your essay is argumentative. For example, “First, students should be subject to having their work checked by anti-plagiarism software because….” Then be sure to support that claim with researched data. Conclude each paragraph with a sentence that summarizes the paragraph’s main ideas. Sample Thesis Statement: Ideally, a thesis would include the major assignment objectives for the essay, which in this case would be your claim/opinion, reasons why you have that opinion, and the counter-argument: “Students’ work should be checked by anti-plagiarism software because (add argument 1), (add argument 2), and (add argument 3), even though (add counterargument focus).” Use at least three credible sources (the author should be considered an expert on the topic in which he or she writes; try Google Scholar to search), such as books, articles, and websites, to support your thesis. Include a mix of cited paraphrases, summaries, and quotes in your argumentative research paper. Use the MLA format to create proper parenthetical citations as well as a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. For additional Works Cited assistance visit and use the left navigation menu to locate the type of reference you need.

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