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Explain psychological aspect in conflict resolution and terror management theory.

Assignment no. 1

For the first question choose 1 article that describes a historical/ intergroup conflict as it is written in the first question. For example Syrian conflict, with ISIS and other ideological and ethnic religious groups and describe it briefly and relate that to the second question asking to choose one theory which is listed below from the professor. In this case I choose the 4th one “ the terror management theory”- please make sure you relate the chosen current conflict with the chosen theory which is the terror management theory” you can chose another article to make a good conclusion or maybe to better explain what the paper is asking for. But important is that the article number 4 in this list is used and another academic article chosen from you which explains a conflict for the first question or the first part of the paper.

  1. Choose a historical/current intergroup conflict (between states, ideological/ethnic/religious groups, political camps….) and describe it briefly.


  1. Choose one theory from the list below that contributes to the understanding the mechanisms underlying the outbreak/maintenance of the chosen conflict. Describe the theory briefly, and explain how it contributes to our understating of the mechanisms underlying the chosen conflict.


Students are expected to account for the relevance of the chosen theory to the chosen conflict (matching a theory to the conflict should be theoretically justified and explained), to present a concise description of the conflict that focuses on facts relevant to the chosen theory, and to present a well thought-through application of the theory to the chosen conflict.



  • Please base your work on at least 2 references, at least one of which is not included in the reading list below.
  • Page limit: 2 pages (excluding references)
  • Due by midnight, May 1st (assignments should be uploaded on MOODLE, not by email!)
  • For queries and questions:
  • This assignment will account for 15% of the final grade



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