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Explain police brutality/racial profiling.

A notably more detailed rubric can be found on the assignment page, where you will turn in your document (linked at the bottom of this page). If you need help finding academic sources for the paper, check out this LibGuide (Links to an external site.). Please follow the assignment sheet given above, and not the one listed on the LibGuide, as this LibGuide is from a previous semester. The librarians are a great resource and can be very helpful if you just ask. Especially if you are unfamiliar with citations, I’d highly recommend paying either the librarians or the Tutoring Center (second floor of the library) a visit. The topic of this paper is to be chosen by you, giving you the opportunity to explore something you’re interested in. I have provided some sample topics below. You are not limited to these topics, but I highly recommend you don’t venture far from this list. Any topic not listed here must be clear with me well in advance of the due date. In no particular order, interesting topics might include: •Passing (sexuality or race) •Colorism •Female hysteria •1033 program/militarization of the police •Food deserts •Environmental racism •For-profit prisons •Welfare drug testing •Deinstitutionalization •Men’s rights/masculinism •Corporate welfare •Police brutality/racial profiling •Prison industrial complex (particularly demographic disparities or the war on drugs) •Health disparities •Capital punishment •Right to die •Marriage equality •LGBT parenting/adoption •Interracial marriage •Affirmative consent (sexual assault) •Juvenile sex offenders and/or sex offender registries •Class and parenting styles •Culture of poverty •Working poor •Media portrayals of disability •Anti-environmentalism •Campus carry (firearms) •Tracking in education •Sex education •Fracking •Secularization •Transphobia/discrimination You may be unfamiliar with some of these terms. Google it. Talk to me. If you would like assistance in shaping the general argument or direction of your paper, talk to me. The purpose here is to focus on contemporary social issues, so please try to write a paper that focuses on the present and on the social issues at hand (not a historical/psychological/biological/anything else paper). There are four topics that you may not write on: •Marijuana legalization, medical marijuana, or anything else having to do with marijuana •Online dating •Bullying/cyberbullying •”Social media and interaction” (After many years of reading papers on this, I still have no idea what this even means…hence the quotation marks) While all four of these could potentially make excellent topics for sociological exploration, I have yet to see a sufficient number of students tackle these topics in a manner appropriate to the level of a college course. For your own safety, they’re going on the banned list. If you are absolutely determined to write a good paper on one of these topics, I require a full outline, to include substantiated conclusions and all sources to be used, provided to me at least 2 weeks prior to the due date. Other than that, if you have any questions, just ask! When you are ready to turn in your final paper, please go here to do so: Final Term Paper.

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