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Explain personalised nutrition risks and benefits .

Food policy and Marketing

Exam Question areas: 

Personalised nutrition risks and benefits (privacy calculus)

Base  on these references as follow:

  • Berezowska A, Fischer ARH, Ronteltap, A, Kuznesof, S, Maccready, A, Fallaize, R, and van Trijp, HCM. (2014) “Understanding consumer evaluations of personalised nutrition services in terms of the privacy calculus: a qualitative study”, Public Health Genomics,. (COPY ON Blackboard)


  • Stewart-Knox, B; Kuznesof, S; Robinson, J; Rankin, A; Orr, K; Duffy, M; Poínhos, R; Vaz de Almeida, MD; Macready, A; Gallagher, C; Berezowska, A; Fischer, ARH; Navas-Carretero, S; Riemer, M; Traczyk, I; Gjelstad, IMF; Mavrogianni, C; Frewer, LJ. (2013) “Factors Influencing Uptake of Personalised Nutrition: Qualitative research from 8 European countries” Appetite, 6, pp67-74.


  • The privacy calculus is defined as a trade-off between information disclosure risk and associated (personalisation) benefits.


  • It assumes that consumers will disclose sensitive information about themselves as long as they expect to benefit from it.

Please read the powerpoint I uploaded carefully to understand the background information firstly and then:

Using the references above (I uploaded) and  ALSO  find  ANOTHER REFERENCES (need to be most recent journal articals)  to support this essay,


I will need to write this essay on the exam situation, so please keep it clear.



Exam tactics

  • Cite literature (author, date)
  • If you only use lecture material you will only pass…


  • Include: Introduction, Present the arguments, Conclude (you can include your own judgements based upon the evidence)

Exam Types of questions:

  • To what extent …
  • Identify and discuss…
  • Outline and discuss…
  • Critique…

(this is the exam question types, which one do you think is more likely to ask in this topic area? And then write it down about 500 words.)


Do you think is more likely be:


  1. Critically evaluate the personalized nutrition risks and benefits (privacy calculus)?
  2. To what extend do you think personalized nutrition can benefits people
  3. What are the issues involved in the ‘privacy calculus’ for an on-line PN service? ( I think this is less possible for the exam?)


You can combine these thress question to write an essay as well.

But please write it with Critical Thinking


what kind of question you think it will be asked in the exam after you viewing the whole materials I uploaded(base on the 4 types of questions above) and write it down.


Please be critically not just mention but also explain and be critique.

If you have any ideas please let me know. Thank you very much for your work.

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