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Explain On-boarding and Basic Skills Training for Line Employees

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One key area of training involves preparing new employees with the information and skills they need to be successful in their new positions. This could also include current employees who are transitioning into a new position within an organization. By ensuring that employees are well-prepared for the tasks they will be assigned, it will help the individual to have a smooth transition into the new job and ultimately increase the overall success of an organization.
For this paper, assume the role of Training Manager for Porter Pools, a nationwide company that designs and builds custom swimming pools for mansions and resorts. The strategic mission of this organization is to design pools that are esthetically pleasing, customized to meet the unique desires for each customer, and use cost-effective, environmentally friendly supplies. The overarching goal is to go beyond customer satisfaction to reach for customer excitement. The company motto is: Porter Pools: Personal, Pleasing, Perfect.
Porter Pools has recently acquired a small company that creates customized pool filters. As the Training Manager, your task is to create an on-boarding training program for the 17 new employees that will be joining your company as a result of the merger.
Present a framework for the orientation and training of the 17 new employees. This must include the employees’ opening weeks on the job, and continue on for at least the first six months the employees are part of the new organization (this does not require a week-to-week detail for each month). Your proposal should include details on what all employees need to know and do, company policies awareness, and an appreciation for the mission of Porter Pools. In your framework, you should include responses to the following questions:
• What training methods do you recommend, and why?
• Who should be involved in presenting this training?
• How can this initial training be aligned with the goals and strategies of the organization?
• What strategies would be built into the training to ensure that the training had adequately prepared the new employees?
• How will the return on investment (ROI) be determined on the training provided to justify that the training program should be implemented to reach strategic goals?
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