Explain is the United States actually a democracy?

One of the questions commonly posed regarding American politics is whether it is in fact a democracy. Some argue that it is since everyone is held to be equal before the law and eveyone’s votes count the same. But others argue that increased inequity in income and wealth, coupled with the ability of people to spend as much money as they wish in elections, means that America is more of an oligarchy. More precisely a plutocracy which measn rule by the wealthy.

I’ve posted a few things related to spending on the 2016 election. Some of these point out the large amount of money – and therefore influence – that a small handful of people can exert on who might become our next president. You might want to review these items, along with others.

Using that info, I want you to address this question: “Is the United States actually a democracy?” Whether you argue yes or no, provide proof.

150 words at a bare minimum.

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