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Explain in what ways has the economy of Russia been affected by globalization ?

Here you will find some guidelines on how an essay could be structured. Note that it is not required to follow this outline, it is only suggestive.

1. There must be three distinctive sections in your essay: Introduction, Body (it is not the way it should be called, it is only to identify the part of the essay in-between introduction and conclusion), and Conclusion. Obviously, Body can be broken into subsections, which must be numbered and titled (e.g. 2.1 Supply analysis, 2.2 Demand analysis, etc). Since your essay is only 2000 words long, extensive division in subsections is not necessary.

2. Introduction shall define the aim of the essay, state the relevance of the issue. It should very briefly mention the key terminology and position your analysis within the literature (e.g. if you write about perfect competition, you must state that it relates to the analysis of market structure). Introduction should also contain a brief account on how you are to discuss the issue, i.e. in what order are you going to proceed with discussion (e.g. you will first start with defining perfect competition model, then you will describe short-run and long-run equilibrium, compare to other market structures, and give an example). In other words, it must be a brief guide – after reading Introduction one should be able to understand what is addressed in the essay. You may also mention the answer to the research question, if you wish.

3. Body of the essay must contain all the analysis. Particularly, it must contain more detailed definitions (if necessary), shall analyse the model you use, compare it to other models; give an example or an application of the model. Here you shall include any graphs or tables that you find important to back up your argument. In other words, in this section you must explain what is you answer to the research question and must explain how you arrive at the conclusion. If you find that the suggested solution, which has been proposed in the question, is not good, you may propose another solution and explain why it is better than the original suggestion.

4. Conclusion must sum up your analysis and clearly state the result. You should not repeat the analysis, as it has already been done in the body of your essay. You may restate your suggestions.

Sources to be used: i) ii)

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Add there graphs and tables

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