Explain how the work you would do relate to your own life experience?

“If I were an artist, which artist from the history of art would I be like?”

In Writing Assignment 2, your job is to address this question. In this writing assignment, you are looking at who the artist is, and one selected work of art produced by the artist that you have chosen. Then work to relate the work and the artist to your own story, interests, preferences, etc. as they now relate to visual art.


1. Choose an artist that you admire. Research his/her life and work and find out as much as you can about this artist. In your paper, briefly explain who this artist is and compare this artist’s life with your own life. Focus less on this as a research-style paper *on* the artist, but rather a reflection piece that allows you to reference the history and life of the artist as you develop your paper. Any artist you can think of is an option, but make sure that the artist is established and broadly known.

-Explain why you are drawn to this artist

-Do you like how the artist responds to environment?

-Do you like how the artist addresses social issues?

-Do you like the attention to or experimentation with materials? -Do you find the work to be novel, humorous, etc?

-What do you admire about him/her? Is it the work? His/her story? His/her background? -Have you have any similar life experiences?

-What life experiences have you had that would influence the art you would create in the same way this artist was or is influenced?

2. Describe in detail the work you would create if you were like this artist. Do this by selecting one work from this artist to use as a comparison-base. Include an image of the work in your paper. Develop an analysis of the work, and use that analysis to develop an assessment of what your fictional work would be like.

-How would your work be similar?

– How would it be different?

– How would the work you would do relate to your own life experience?

In addition to a discussion-critique-style analysis of the artists’ work, your paper should include a detailed description of one “master piece” that you would create. Include a description of the materials you would use to make it as well as some of the elements and preferences you see yourself working with and why.

Recommended structure:


-About the artist you selected

-A comparison and/or relation between you and your selected artist

-Analysis of work produced by your selected artist (elements, principles, and your opinion regarding content)

-Description of work that you would create (this can be loose or specific, but in either approach, be specific with terms and intent)

-have an Introduction and a Conclusion

• The Introduction should brief and prepare the reader for what the paper will cover.

• The Conclusion should briefly review the paper’s points. It should suggest further questions raised by the paper and might make further claims.

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