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Explain how race, ethnicity, and culture can influence an individual’s socio-economic status.

Use your proposed outline from MOD 3

You will be using the Excelsior Library, to complete your research for this essay. We have been exploring in this module how race, ethnicity, and culture can influence an individual’s socio-economic status. Now is your chance to dig into this complex issue in greater detail. Your essay topic submitted in M3A1 should have been carefully researched, and now, in your writing of the essay, you will develop conclusions based on reliable data. In Essay 2, you are exploring the intersection of education and socio-economic status for different minority groups in the U.S.

Please following these guidelines:

Start with the U.S. Census data and go as far back as you can to research your group. You will want to track change over time in: number of people identified as part of this group, income range, and education reported. Compare and contrast to “majority whites” (some groups have been followed for years or decades, but others have not, so you will need to do some digging).
Address these questions:
How has education helped your group to improve over time, or has it? (research beyond the Census stats needed here)
Are the promises made about education actually being fulfilled? Why or why not? (real sociology-type question)
What other factors may be at play here?
Discuss the facts you have located and the interplay of these to build to a logical and informed conclusion. Have you found any solutions in your research for the issue? If so, include them in your discussion/conclusion, along with your own ideas about how education can and cannot help people improve their socio-economic status.
Additional Requirements and Resources:

A minimum of four resources from academic publications found in the Excelsior Library
750 – 1250 words of writing. This does not include the title page or reference page. Please organize your paper based upon the approved outline and your faculty feedback.
Grammatically correct sentences. If you need assistance, free tutoring is available through Smarthinking. You can link to it under “Learning Resources” in your Table of Contents. It is the link, “Free Tutoring.” To receive assistance on how to write essays, you can refer to the Excelsior OWL.
Use APA citation guidelines. If you need assistance, please refer to either of the following online writing labs:
Purdue OWL
Excelsior OWL

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