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Explain how people and organizations experience change, and what theory and models can contribute (IN CHINA)

Students are asked to summarize their home industry changes (CHINA FOR THIS PAPER) that have taken place at three levels; i) country, ii) region or city, and iii) major employment or company changes. Findings will be presented as three illustrative powerpoint slides in NOTES VIEW (three slides in total, with notes and references).
Having familiarized themselves with the contemporary changes that have taken place, students are asked to talk to three people from their region, i) of their grandparents’ generation, ii) of their parents’ generation, and iii) of their own generation. This can be by ‘phone, skype, email or any suitable means (PLEASE PRECISE IN REFERENCE)
Students will report their findings, supported by quotes and images, on a further three powerpoint slides. In the penultimate slide students will identify patterns and summarize their key findings. In the final slide students will evaluate the key challenges that change brings for the management of
human resources. Total 8 slides (with supporting notes) which relate the experiences and materials presented to the models and theories of change discussed in class and readings.
An individual PowerPoint presentation. Each slide should be self-contained and appropriately in-text referenced, with a supporting summary of one to three paragraphs included in the ‘Notes’ section of the Powerpoint. Each Notes section should include the full (end) references for any cited or quoted material. The required structure of the eight slide presentation is:
1-3 Overviews of the key industrial and societal changes with each slide addressing one level of i) country ii) city or region and iii) organization, together with the determinants of change at each
4-6 An illustrated and quoted presentation of the experience and reflections on change of each of three generational ‘interviewees, one per slide, i) grandparents ii) parents iii) your own
7 An identification of the patterns and perspectives from slides 1-6, and summary of key points
8 An evaluation of the key challenges that change brings for the management of human resources. NB this final slide is expected to be supported by academic peer reviewed articles.

This is all the teachers said in the outline. Please be careful as this power point will go through turn it in to make sure it is not plagiarism.
You have to add side notes in the power point under each slide to explain more in depth what the particular slide is about. Please put 1 or 2 references for each slide.
Please dont hesitate to add pictures and quotations in each slide and to be creative as this will give me bonus points in the grading paper.

Just to specify it once again, my topic is about CHINA.

In the documents attached you will find examples of how my colleagues did it so it gives you an idea of what mine has to look like. Please follow his outline about which slide has to be about what as described up. I putted 15 references, please add minimum 1-2 per slide in the notes under the explanation of the slide.

Please send it to me that way:

Prepare your powerpoint in ‘Notes View’ (A4 landscape)
Print / save to .pdf in Notes view (scanned .pdf is not acceptable)
(NB you will need to compress images to stay within the 5MB limit)


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