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Explain how live performance ticket sales are doing in your artist’s genre.

This assignment is based on the previous weeks assignment and it must be completed and all questions answered based on the same band that was used in assignment 1, New York Jaded. All 7 questions must be answered with at least 4 or more sentences. Each answer to each question must include sources. If the answers are not at least 4 sentences long and does not include sources then it will be sent back to you to redo. And the assignment must have a reference page in APA format.

Assignment 2 – Research

This assignment is based on industry analysis and research. The information should be based on your artist’s genre of music.

Every question will be required to have a research citation including the target market sections #5-#7. Each response needs to be a minimum of one paragraph (4 sentences). Please use current research – no more than 2 years old. Wikipedia and personal blogs are not considered credible sources and should not be utilized.

Be sure to use APA format (short citation in context and references list at end). APA Samples for both are provided in the References Tab.

Students should use formal business writing style. Do not use conversational wording, slang, or text-speak. Keep it professional.
Avoid first person language such as “I”, “we”, “you” or “us.”
Check grammar and spelling before submitting. Check for common misspellings that may not be caught by the automatic spell checker (ex. there vs their).
1 paragraph is a minimum of 4 sentences
1. Explain how record sales are doing in your artist’s genre.

2. Explain how live performance ticket sales are doing in your artist’s genre.

3. What forms of radio have a likelihood of playing this style of music? Also include what radio format (programming) would your artist’s music fall under.

4. Think back to classes you have had that discussed marketing research. Describe the demographics of the average member of your target market.

5. Describe the lifestyle of the average member of the target market.

6. What other entertainment media is your target market likely to spend money on? EX. Video games, film, cable TV etc. Be specific!

7. Based on the above research, how will you get the artist in front of the appropriate target market? (besides through social media and internet radio).

cite your sources.

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