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Explain how literature reflects Latin American culture

*Improve this paper by adding a page that focuses on the story and how it relates to Latin American culture.
Choose a piece of Latin American Literature (Can Be a Short Story)
Explores how literature reflects Latin American culture
Incorporating concepts from any of the provided references. If possible, use examples from or draw parallels to provided references.
Consult and incorporate at least one literary review of the chosen literature, citing your sources.
Analyze the author’s work.
What themes are predominant?
What does the story or book tell us about culture, gender and family relationships? What political and cultural themes are present?

essay must have:
Parenthetical citations & Reference list (Turabian format)
An Introduction that includes:
1. An brief summary of the book and author that highlights the connection to Latin American culture and leads into your thesis statement.
2. A thesis statement
Body of the Paper:
1. After doing some research, discuss the author and their importance in Latin American culture and literature. Use and cite at least two sources aside from your chosen piece of literature.
2. Discuss the major themes of the book or story
3. Discuss how the themes in the book or story relate to or demonstrate Latin American culture

Conclusion should contain:
1. A clear restatement of your thesis
2. A summary of the points made in the paper
3. A reiteration of the strongest arguments
4. A solution to the problem(s) raised by the question/issue
5. Concluding thoughts and ideas


Some “Dos” and “Don’ts” for Writing
Essay must be:
Checked for proper grammar and spelling
Written in proper essay format (e.g., discreet paragraphs with topic sentences, etc.)
Written in either Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font
Have 1-inch margins all around (e.g., top, bottom, and side margins)
You will want to pay special attention to the usage of:
Contractions (Do not use contractions!)
“Its” versus “it’s” – remember, it’s = it is (contraction) so do not use in a paper
“Effect” versus “affect”
Centered around/centered on (“centered around” is not correct usage)
“Then” versus “than”
“There” versus “their”
Passive voice (an active construction is the best construction) see below
Remember that attribution is essential – always cite your source, even when paraphrasing. If you get the idea from a book, cite it! As it says in the student handbook, “If in doubt, attribute” (APUS Student Handbook, 115). See the student handbook and the On-line Research Center for more information about this important subject.
Examples of literature you may choose but are not limited to:
Allende, Isabel. 1988. Of Love and Shadows. New York, New York: Bantam Books.
Allende, Isabel. 2006. Ines of My Soul. New York: Harper Perennial.
Amado, Jorge. 1945, 1965. The Violent Land. New York, New York: Avon Books.
Amado, Jorge. 1971 Tent of Miracles. New York, New York: Avon Books
Bernal Diaz: The Conquest of Mexico
Octavio Paz: The Other Mexico, a Critique of the Pyramid
Carlos Fuentes: The Death of Artemio Cruz
Rigoberta Menchu: I, Rigoberta Menchu, or Crossing Borders
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz: The Answer
Burgos-Debray, Elisabeth. 1984. I, Rigoberta, Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala. London, New York: Verso.
García Márquez, Gabriel. 1984. Collected Stories. New York, New York: HarperPerennial.
García Márquez, Gabriel.1988. Love in the Time of Cholera. New York, New York: Penguin Books.
García Márquez, Gabriel. 1971. One hundred Years of Solitude. New York, New York: Avon Books.
Rodó, José Enrique. 1988. Ariel. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press. V
Vargas Llosa, Mario. 1990. The Storyteller. New York, New York: Penguin Books
Vargas Llosa, Mario. 1966. The Time of the Hero. New York: The Noonday Press.
Vargas Llosa, Mario. 2001. Feast of the Goat.

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