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Explain how learning in the digital age is different from learning in other contexts.

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COM10003: Learning and Communicating Online
Assessment 1B: Written responseWord limit: 750 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 15%
Due date: 9am AEST Monday 8 August (Week 5)
Assessment overview

In the workplace, we are part of a community made up of colleagues, support staff, administrative and leadership staff; rarely do we work in isolation. Similarly in this unit, the discussion board activities each week enable you and your peers to form a vibrant and supportive learning community. The purpose of this assessment is to reflect on your learning in the unit so far. You will reflect on and then discuss how the understandings you have gained may influence your learning online and preparation for your future career.

Assessment details

For this task you are required to reflect on your learning based on the activities and structure a 750-word response to the following statement:

As an online learner, aiming to be a professional in the field of [use your own field here], I have learned…

Steps to complete this task:

Complete the activities in weeks 1, 2 and 3 and review your contributions to these – what did you learn and what does it mean for you? You should take notes to formulate your review.

Week 1: Activity 1: Hello colleagues, what brings you here? In this activity you discussed your future career path and examined the skills, knowledge and attributes you need to be successful.
Week 2: Activity 1: Learning in the digital age. In this activity you considered how being an online student might be different to how you might have learned previously, or in other contexts.
Week 3: Activity: Being attentive to our craft. In this activity you explored sources of information available to you online (social media, informational websites, academic peer-reviewed works), the situations in which they each might be helpful to you, and evaluated them using Metzger’s (2007) criteria.

Using the notes you generated from your review, consider what you have learnt about:

The skills, knowledge and attributes you need to be successful in your future career.
How learning in the digital age is different from learning in other contexts.
The sorts of information you can draw on to extend your understanding on areas of interest and study.
Using this information discuss what you have learned from these activities and formulate your written response to the statement.

The response must address the following:

The following points must be incorporated into your submission. You should already have notes from your research in steps 1 and 2 to assist you. You should use the following prompts shown for a, b, c and d, to introduce the sections of your writing.
As an online learner, aiming to be a professional in the field of [use your own field here], I have learned the following:

The skills and attributes I need in order to be successful are… (approx. 150 words)
Learning online is different because… (approx. 250 words)
To consume, produce and share credible information in areas of interest and study, I need to… (approx. 300 words)
To conclude… (~10% of word count, approx. 75-100 words).
Provide a reference list, in either APA or Harvard style (not included in word count).

Submission details

Please submit your Assessment 1B through Turnitin. More detailed information is available in the Assessment 1B folder in Blackboard.

Assessment criteria

Quality of the response.
Links to the learning materials.
Written expression (structure, spelling and grammar)
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