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Explain have Women’s role changed for the better in the middle east?

(Note: if your going to change my writer like the last time. the paper require someone with knowledge about the middle east women’s)OK my dear writer this is it. The final big step. You already done with the sources annotation and now we will begin the research paper it self. As you know the main point of this research paper is all about the Women in the middle east(Arab World) and am going to tell you step by step how your going to writer this according to my MAP. And of course you can add or change the sources because the old annotation we did was like a practice to subject to change. and your going to be very objective on this paper when you write it. So the question is have the women role changed for the better in the middle east? and the answer of that is your thesis. I will tell my thesis you can use it or change it to a better one but most importantly DON’T change the question at all.
So Basically the paper have to include an introduction and 4 at least paragraphs and then conclusion.
So now I will tell you how to writer the introduction it will be very long but that’s how my professor want it.
INTRO:A- Writer the background information. I will give you some ideas: writer about the women in the middle east before and after Islam and the cycle of life like mirage and how woman is passive . how the Western look at middle east women.
RIGHT after your done with the 6 sentences about background information you instantly writer about the B- Debate no need to start a new paragraph that all part of the INTRO.
Debate: here first you say about the first point of view how people see women in the middle east(BAD VIEW) and you MUST show a quotation for it. After that the Second View where you say they are better than before(GOOD ViEW) and writer a quotation for it. This will be your end if your debate after the last quotation right after it you(part of the INTRO) you must mention the C- Research question, for example. And yet one might ask the following question … .. .. .. .. .. exactly the same question above in the topic. After the question D-you answer it by my old answer as you saw earlier or come with a better answer.

Now after the answer(thesis) you end the INTRO and begin with the body

I will list the instruction ( the rules) and you follow it for each paragraph.
A. My opponent ( point of view) the bad
B. My Position ( Toward this point of view mostly against it)
C. Refutation ( here you show the evidence by quotation and yes please after every quote say the citation right after it or I will fail.
D. your insight ( comments about the evidence)

That’s it for the body for this structure of body for the 4 paragraphs and now I will brainstorm some points to aid you with the body. You can say about
Women’s Education
Women Politics
and how woman is self independent she can travel by her self. use these points if you have better build a great body.

Lastly the conclusion
A- Summaries your points
B-paraphrase your thesis

and Yes this will be the first draft after a week I will show you my professor comments. This final assignment worth 30% of my whole grade but luckily this wont be the final we will have the chance to fix it for a perfect grade

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