Explain does the war on drugs cause people to turn to a life of crime to provide for there family in Mexico? yes-no

At least one source must be peer viewed article
Scientific Method Project Grading Rubrics
50%- Scientific 8 Steps mentioned in detail.( What did you do exactly to apply each step?)
20%- Poster Presentation: must include Literature SUMMARIES (peer reviewed article)and Scientific Method FINDINGS (survey results) only.
15%- Apa format: citations, reference page, cover page, header, and the like.
15%-Grammar and essay format: five sentence paragraphs, an introduction that introduces the scientific steps, body paragraphs that mention the 8 steps, and the conclusion which should summarize your paper.
5-10 Extra Credit Points will be assigned for food and educational activities that contribute to culture awareness. An activity is any activity that involves the participants to think about your data/material presented. Ex: an option to select A or B to guess the findings, etc.

1. Topic: The war on drugs
2. Problem: Increased crime rates
3. Literature Review: (at the STC library research sources to get informed in your area of study. At least one source must be a peer reviewed article. You may confirm it is peer reviewed by locating an abstract found after the cover page or title. Please use only this link to search for an article: http://eds.b.ebscohost.com/eds/search/advanced?sid=428be2e4-28cc-404e-baa9-6065ee173993%40sessionmgr112&vid=0&hid=104 )
4. Hypothesis 🙁 creates a statement that includes a cause and effect regarding your research area. Typically it is step one affects step two or vice versa. Pretend you are psychic and you know exactly what you will find in your study.) The drug war between mexico and the united states . causes more crime.

5. Research Method: (identify which research method you will be using to collect) surveys .
1. does the war on drugs cause more crime? yes-no
2. does the war on drugs cause people to turn to a life of crime to provide for there family in mexico? yes-no
• Collect Data: (administer your research method instrument or chosen method to retrieve data from willing participants. Start asking your questions to 20 convenient students or staff members on campus) ________________________________________________________________________
• Analyze Data: (Tally up data findings and create percentages. Multiply the total answers by 5 since you administered 20 surveys or conducted 20 interviews your total will perfectly sum up to 100%. That should give you your percentages. Example: 15 people said yes which means 15X5=75% said yes.)____________________________________________________________________

Day Three
• Report: (prepare a poster after you finalize your paper. Decorate and organize the poster to include the Scientific Method data findings (results of your surveys or interviews) you gathered and ALL the summaries for your literature review sources. ( your peer reviewed article must have been retrieved from the STC library website)____________________________________________________________

Example research project paper


Introduction: Insert Title Name here USE THE EXACT TITLE AS FOUND ON TITLE PAGE
Introduce your topic, problem, hypothesis, and study with five sentences.
Scientific Method Steps
Discuss in your own words how you applied the eight steps to gather your data. For example: For step one, this research selected ____as a topic. For step two, the research found _______ is the problem. For step three, the researcher found ____(example: 2 articles and a book). The first article mentioned _______ [Citation example: (Henslin, 2014)]. CONTINUE TO SUMMARIZE AND CITE EACH SOURCE FOR THIS STEP. For step four, the hypothesis was_____. For step five, the research method was _____(20 survey or 20 interviews). For step six, the researcher administered _____(20 surveys or 20 interviews) at _____(stc campus to 20 students/ staff/ parents/ etc.). For step seven, the researcher analyzed the data gathered and found for question one____(include question) 20% percent said yes and 80% said no (mention percentages ONLY). For step eight, the researcher presented the data to the ____(the class, students in class, etc.). The researcher created a poster. (Include what the poster had, where you took it, who was your audience, and any detail explaining how you presented).
Summarize your paper. Inform the reader what your findings were and your overall literature review with five sentences.

2nd references here.

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