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Explain ,does implementing purposeful rounding and bedside reporting improve HCAHPS scores in attempt to improve quality measures in a skilled/ long-term environment?

PICOT: Does implementing purposeful rounding and bedside reporting improve HCAHPS scores in attempt to improve quality measures in a skilled/ long-term environment?

Theoretical (Conceptual) Framework

This section should include the theoretical (conceptual framework) which supports your project. Describe a theory or model to serve as the foundation for your project. This may be a nursing theory or a theory from another discipline if pertinent and applicable.

Please use > Patricia Benner’s nursing theory to “Put Thinking into Action”. When nurses run into obstacles or problems which may arise… the critical thinking process must ensue with proactive and prudent interventions.

Synthesis of the Literature

Synthesize at least 10 research studies and/or systematic reviews, not summary articles. This is all about the evidence rather than someone else’s opinion of the evidence. Do not use secondary sources; you need to get the article, read it, and make your own decision about quality and applicability to your question even if you did find out about the study in a systematic review. The studies in this section must relate directly to your PICOT question. Address the similarities, differences, and controversies.

Practice Recommendations

So. . . using available evidence, what is the answer to your question? This section is for you to summarize the strength of the body of evidence (quality, quantity, and consistency), make a summary statement, and give a recommendation for practice change. This section should include the recommendation for practice based on the evidence. Perhaps you have found that one subset of your population does fair better with the intervention but the rest of the patients do just as well with the standard practice that you used as your comparison. You might want to design an algorithm and include it in as a figure. Perhaps you found substantiation for usual practice and you recommend reinforcement and education regarding this best practice.

Project Plan

This section should begin with a description of your change model and why it was selected as the model for this specific change. You should learn about the model from a primary source (i.e., do not cite a textbook). The model that you select should be appropriate to the change that you are recommending (i.e., individual change or organizational change). You may use a change model or an EBP model which describes the process of implementing an EBP change. Use that model to describe the practice change that you recommend even if that is reinforcement and education regarding the status quo. Your change process should be specific to your setting. You can make each step of the model a level 2 heading (title case and flush left) and then describe how you would implement that step of the change in your selected setting. Your change process must be specific to your question and the answer that you found through your literature review and your setting. It should be a well thought-out process using the model as a guide. Describe the setting for your project.

Described Setting:

•The setting is a healthcare setting which offers primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of care on many levels for retired geriatric patients age 65+. We also offer services to those who meet admission criteria for local community residents. We only accept Medicare A, Private Insurance, and Private Pay

Evaluation and Data Analysis

This section must include how you are going to evaluate the planned change project including formative and summative criteria for evaluation and time points for the evaluation. Remember that you must evaluate the outcome(s) identified in your PICOT question. Describe and include any tool(s) that are to be used in your project evaluation and discuss the reliability and validity of the tool(s). Discuss planned analysis of your evaluation data.


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