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Explain. Do the Internet and the World Wide Web provide a viable alternative to the mainstream media?

Research a social movement, providing the history and analysis of the social movement- outline was provided to customer service, i will also provide them below.

Research Essay

For your final paper, you are expected to research a social movement of your choice. You can either use the social movement you researched in Unit 5, or pick a new one from the list presented below

– Aboriginal protest

– The women’s movement

– The gay and lesbian movement

– The environmental movement

– The global justice movement.

In your paper, I want you to provide a history and analysis of “your” social movement. You must provide an explanation of its issues and ideas. What is the reality that the social movement is confronting? Is it engaged in an effort to change people’s ideas about things (to define right from wrong), and if so, how? [For example, the Alberta-grown Little Warriors movement spends time educating people about the prevalence of child sexual abuse. People have to understand that child sexual abuse is a serious issue and a prevalent problem before they even consider the possibility of joining in solidarity against it.] Beyond a look at the ideas and issues of the social movement, and any education and information dissemination they engage in, I also want you to look at the activities of the group (the sorts of things they do to resist injustice or change reality), and any successes they have had.

Before you write your paper, have another look at this course’s introductory textbook (Staggenborg, S. (2008). Social movements. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press, Canada), which provides concepts and ideas useful to your analysis. Also, when you conduct your analysis, I want you to pay particular attention to the movement’s use of the Internet and the WWW. What are they doing on the Internet? What strategies are they using? What difficulties are they having? Read their websites carefully, and look for successes or failures.

Keep in mind that this is an academic paper, and you do want to do additional research. Contact the Library and scan the catalogues and databases for articles on “social movements and the World Wide Web.” In your academic analysis, you should cover issues relevant to this course. Also, be sure to take a critical look at the Internet and the World Wide Web as a possible locus for social movement activity. Ask yourself the following questions.

• Do the Internet and the World Wide Web provide a viable alternative to the mainstream media?

• In what ways does the WWW, as an alternative information source, challenge the domination of corporate media and provide space for a more democratic definition of right and wrong?

• Are there particular challenges that social movement organizers face when using the WWW as an alternative?

• If the WWW does have potential, what are some things that could undermine that potential and weaken the impact?

To summarize, the paper needs to be 10 pages double spaced Use 11 point, Times New Roman or an equivalent font. You need a minimum of ten references, five of which should be journal articles. Your paper should focus on outlining the history of the social movement, identifying the issues the movement is concerned with, its accomplishments, and any challenges (ideological, political, economic) that it has faced. Be sure to include an analysis of how the movement emerged, how it mobilized resources, what obstacles it faced, its use of social networks, and its use of the Internet (if appropriate). Use Chapter 3 of the Social Movements textbook, the information on ideology, and the examples used in our analyses of homework, competition and the media to help frame your analysis.

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