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Explain, could sports-drugs have direct and indirect effect on people’s health nowadays? Are sports performance enhancing drugs worth it? Are sports performance enhancing drugs worth it?

Subject: Health and fitness

Topic: Could sports-drugs have direct and indirect effect on people’s health nowadays? Are sports performance enhancing drugs worth it? Are sports performance enhancing drugs worth it?

Preliminary thesis statement: Topic + controlling ideas (answers the question “What about the topic?”) Remember that the thesis of an argumentative paper differs from that of an explanatory paper though either would be expressed as one clear, focused sentence.

Despite the boost performance-enhancing drugs provide to the physical strength of athletes, the latter should consider the detrimental lingering effects these drugs can have on their physical and mental health.

Proposal: 100-200 words describing the focus of the paper, how you intend to go about your research, and reasons for the choice of topic.

In our current world, it seems that business is taking control of everything, even athletes. Nowadays, the fact that all sports are rewarded with money or popularity is leading athletes to do anything to ensure a successful career. The easy accessibility and lack of awareness to doping drugs makes them think that by simply consuming them they can get to the top. In fact, the majority of them ignore the negative effects these drugs could have on their physical and mental health and their social environment compared to their benefits.

Our paper is going to focus on doping drugs used by athletes to enhance their performance. We are going to perform an in depth research about their effects on their health as well as their social behavior due to their regular consumption of such substances. Moreover, we chose this topic, as it would be of interest to many students of our generation, since competition is dominating every sport and pushing athletes to use these drugs. This is especially encouraged as well by the world of media and advertising.

Some sources we may use:

• Reardon, Claudia L., and Shane Creado. “Drug Abuse In Athletes.” Substance Abuse & Rehabilitation 5.(2014): 95-105. Academic Search Complete. Web. 15 June 2015.
Use the following format in your outlines, referring to the samples below:
Title of Research Paper
Thesis statement: This is a sentence that conveys the main idea of your paper; it includes the topic and controlling ideas.
I. Controlling idea 1 (or introduction section). Number using Roman numerals. A. Subtopic 1 (Number using capital letters for subtopics.)
1. Support: e.g., Example 1 (Use Arabic numerals.)
2. Support: Example 2 (Points 1 and 2 must be parallel in form and content.)
B. Subtopic 2 (Headings A and B must be parallel in both form and content.) 1. Support: Example 1
2. Support: Example 2
II. Controlling idea 2 (First level headings – I, II, etc. – must be parallel in form and content.)
A. Subtopic 1 1.
B. Subtopic 2
Continue in this way until the end of your outline.
Sample Outline 1
Lara Al-Sayegh
“Food Irradiation”: A Safe or Insecure Technology? Outline Page 1 of 3
ENGL204_ns05: Lesson 6: Outlining Your Ideas 6/15/15, 2:45 PM
Thesis: Although opponents of food irradiation consider it extremely dangerous, this kind of technology, when it exposes food to a controlled source of ionizing radiation, produces positive effects, decreasing food-borne illnesses and increasing the shelf life of products.
I. Overview of food irradiation
A. B. C.
II. Views A. B.
III. Views A. B.
Importance of food safety
Science of food irradiation technology Irradiation status in the Asian region
of opponents of food irradiation
General view of the insecurity of such technology Claimed disadvantages
• Substantial health problems and diseases
• Formation of toxic chemical compounds
of supporting sides of food irradiation
Usage of controlled doses of radioactivity Advantages
1. Increase in the shelf life of products
2. Reduction of microbial and food borne illnesses IV.Needless worry about food irradiation
Sample Outline 2
Tala Kardas
Following the Green Brick Road: Environmentalism at Present Times
Thesis Statement: Anti-environmentalists have attacked the actions of their counterparts: the green revolutionists at length. However, with the rapidly degrading state of the environment, it has become increasingly important to support any movement that acts in the sole favor for preserving the Earth.
I. The fragility of our Earth’s resources
A. Melting of the ice-caps
B. Solid Wastes
C. Water Pollution Page 2 of 3
ENGL204_ns05: Lesson 6: Outlining Your Ideas 6/15/15, 2:45 PM
II. The perspectives of environmental movements
A. Perspective of “Never-Greens”
1. General views
2. Statistics
B. Perspective of “The Green Revolution” to refute that of “Never-Greens”
1. General views
2. Statistics
III. Campaigns and methods
A. The “Never-Greens” campaigns
1. Adopted methodology
2. Effectiveness and responses
B. The “Green Revolution” campaigns
1. Themes
2. Responses to other movements
3. Effectiveness
IV. The “Green Revolution” in Lebanon
A. Involved groups
B. Responses and impacts
V. The need to end environmental disputes
A. Declining state of environment
B. Environmentally friendly movements

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