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Explain are genetically modified foods/ organisms (i.e. GMOs) safe?

Pt 1. Making Observations (Introduction)
Write a brief paragraph that clearly introduces the problem / phenomenon/ observation that your paper is going to address. As we do in the process of science, I would like you to discuss your general observations about this topic. You may consider information from the news, media (tv, movies), social media, popular views, ideas from the general public, or your personal experiences. Your paragraph should specifically mention three (3) observations related to this topic and be sure to cite your sources within the text of your introduction. You should also include your thoughts on why this topic is controversial, important, problematic, or interesting. Express what makes this a good issue to address.

Pt 2. Pose a Scientific Question
Write a scientific question related to the chosen topic. This is where the topic title goes.

Pt 3. Apply The Content
Choose five (5) terms or concepts that are related to the chosen topic. Define each term in your own words and then write one (1) sentence that explains how it is related to the topic. You will use these 5 terms or concepts to lay the groundwork for your explanation so choose terms that are central or helpful in your exploration of the topic.

Pt 4. Construct a Scientific Explanation
Write a scientific explanation that includes a central claim, evidence and examples, and reasoning to compose a thorough answer to your question. Your explanation should demonstrate your understanding of the chosen topic using discussion and content from this course as a starting point. Your central claim for this paper/report is your one sentence answer to the scientific question. You will then explore the specific aspects of this answer using the examples and evidence you have identified to support your claim. Be sure to utilize the scientific concepts that you understand as the rationale for why you are present each example or piece of evidence. Your explanation should include information from a minimum of three (3) sources and one (1) of these sources must be a peer-reviewed scientific article or a review of a scientific study or studies (i.e. a primary or secondary source). You should underline the 5 terms or concepts that you identified in Pt. 3 of your report (only the first time they are used).

The scientific explanations will be scored based on the following 5 criteria:

The accurate use of science terms and ideas.
The general clarity of the explanation provided.
An explanation that is thorough and descriptive.
Use of evidence and examples.
Reasoning that includes key scientific principles and ideas.

Pt 5. Works Cited
You should cite your sources within the body of your explanation and include a list of references at the end (any standard formatting method is acceptable).

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