Explain and discuss Aravind marketing “formula?”

there are 2 options for the assignment, a marketing analysis for Aravind Hospital Case or SONY PS3 Launch. No specific writing style required (MLA, APA, etc). Additional resources can be provided about the 5Cs and 4Ps marketing analysis framework.

OPTION 1: ARAVIND HOSPITAL CASE (Aravind article attached)

Please read the attached PDF case on Aravind Hospital and answer the following questions:

1. What is the Aravind marketing “formula?”

a. What does Aravind do with respect to the 5Cs? (5 points)
b. What does Aravind do in terms of the 4Ps? (5 Points)

2. Has the formula been transferred successfully to Theni, Tirunelveli, and/or Coimbatore? (5 points)

3. Can this formula be translated to the US?

a.What would you have to change in terms of the 5Cs (5 points)
b.What would you change in terms of the 4Ps? (5 points)

OPTION 2: SONY PS3 LAUNCH (Sony article attached)
Please read the attached PDF case on SONY and answer the following questions:

1a. (5 points) Analyze the gaming industry competitiveness in 2006 (time of the case) using the Michael Porter 5 forces model and then describe what are Sony’s competitive advantages.

1b.(5 points) How are the “CONSOLE” manufacturers different than the “SOFTWARE” developers in the gaming industry? Who has more power?

2.(5 points) What are some of the “Context” elements that affected the gaming industry (Technological, Social/Cultural, Legal or Economic)? Rank in terms of importance these contextual factors that could affect the outcome of the Sony PS3 launch? Explain your ranking.

3.(5 points) Compare Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo using the SWOT matrix. What do you think is the most sustainable strength(s) for Sony?

4.(5 points) Based on your answers from Question 1 through 4 – how should Sony launch the PS3 (hint: a target marketing mix with 4Ps)? Who are some of the “Collaborators” that could help with the launch?

1. Please turn in your write up in essay keep your essay to 5-7 pages.
2. Separately answer each discussion question. Use headings to highlight which questions you are answering.
3. Start with the most obvious points and then work from there. Do not omit the obvious points.
4. I am more interested in the quality of your analysis than any specific set of conclusions. Make sure that you give both the pros and the cons of each alternative. Describe the framework or process by which you arrived at your conclusions.
5. Review the lecture notes before writing your analysis. The theory presented in the lectures will help guide your analysis.
6. Structure your answers using sub-headings, if necessary, to make it clear that you have used an analytical approach to reach you answers. (Apparently) random lists of issues without structure leaves me guessing as to which issue you consider most critical to the case analysis.
7. Quality is more important than quantity.

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