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Examine components of what we could refer to as the “romantic life process”.

We are looking for frameworks and robust constructs to examine components of what we could refer to as the “romantic life process”. The first step in the process is ‘search’, and the first sub-step is understanding the objective of dating and what you are looking for in a prospect. It is the first sub-step that is the scope of this request. The hypothesis is that personal work in advance of dating will set an individual up for better outcomes. The approach we want to take is evidence based (credible authors / researchers, use of academic resources is preferred over internet resources which should be kept to a limit) in support of robust constructs; such as the most important factors to determine relationship compatibility, given a particular context or dating objective. We expect the analysis in the paper to have important implications that are applicable to a wide audience. We would like to have a strong bibliography on researchers that have something relevant to say related to this topic.

Initial thinking is that the analysis would cover the areas below:

Search: Part I

1) How will our reader develop a sound understanding of what they are looking for in a person to date

• Constructs to think through key considerations such as:

◦ Purpose, objective (e.g. serious / casual, short / long term intention)

◦ Qualities / traits in dating partner and way to prioritize and make tradeoffs

◦ Dimensions of compatibility and desire

2) How can our reader learn from past approaches/results and incorporate additional insights from various sources (ranging from research to friends) to thoughtfully evaluate:

• What
 risks they are willing to take / not take

• What are the tradeoffs to consider, and how will you decide on which are the right tradeoffs decisions

• How important dating is for them relative to other activities and goals currently in their life; is there consistency given what they are willing to put into the effort, and what they expect out of it

3) There are many types of personal biases that people can exhibit. Are there some which are more prevalent in dating, and are there techniques one can employ to mitigate unproductive biases

4) How do we, as authors creating an approach to help our readers through this complexity, recognize that we are speaking to diverse group of people with alternative or preferred ways to evaluate these issues

a. Some prefer a highly analytical approach, e.g. lists and scoring

b. Others prefer more abstract notions, e.g. is there chemistry?

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