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Evaluate the use of social media, specifically Twitter, by the S.League soccer clubs and fans.

The S.League is an Singaporean professional league for men’s association football clubs. At the highest level of domestic football competition in Singapore, it is the country’s primary football competition. Since its high-profile debut in 1996, attendance at S.League matches has continued to flag, with some clubs struggling financially due to a lack of sponsors, corporate support and spectator support. This study will evaluate the use of social media, specifically Twitter, by the S.League soccer clubs and fans.

NodeXL data collation of Twitter for Sleague covers the period of January 2015 to February 2015 (2 months during off-season)

Research Aims/Questions.
1. What happens to the fans of the defunct club/s and the other club that merged with Hougang Utd (Tanjong Pagar and Woodlands Wellington) due to the league going from a 12-club competition to a 10-club competition this season (2015).

(Will there be any followings or change of loyalty or if any of the fans tweeted that they will stop following Sleague. This is something that is fresh and new and have not been researched nor looked at before,there is room for research and understanding of fans loyalty and fans whose team are defunct or cease to exist for financial reason etc.)Look at word association, top word pairs mentioned in Twitter, etc.

2. Mainstream Media discourse regarding the Sleague and compare it with Social Media discourse on the reduction of 12-club competition to a 10-club competition in the upcoming season.

(Discourse / Inductive analysis) See if comments in mainstream media covered also what is being said in social media, vice-versa. See what they talk about on social media and compare it to conventional media i.e. using the main English local (Singapore) newspaper (The Straits Times) over a period of two months, Jan and Feb 2015, regarding Sleague coverage.

*Writer should be familiar with NodeXL and coding, Social Research Methods (ref: Alan Bryman’s Social Research Methods) , Word cloud for coding NodeXL to analyse Twitter Search Network for word association (

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