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Evaluate the role of lifelong learning and continuous professional development in career outcomes.

Develop and present a career plan and professional portfolio

Evaluate the role of lifelong learning and continuous professional development in career outcomes

Evaluate personal career readiness, decision-making, and self-marketing skills.

Develop a professional job search strategy incorporating research of companies or industries

This will be my part! 1 & 2.

Your group must do analysis, have discussions (either via the small group chat or discussion board) and come to a consensus to prepare a report (paper) that addresses the following:

Part 1: Complete research on temp-to-fulltime and prepare a written statement (3-4 paragraphs) that Work Now can give to applicants so they can better understand this trend.

Part 2: Aside from temp-to-full time the group must identify and discuss 3-4 methods that job hunters can use to find fulltime employment.   Include specifics defining each method and explaining what the job applicant needs to accomplish in order to be successful using each.

Individual part consists of: Research on topics 1-3.

Conduct research on the topics identified in Parts 1-3.

Compile your findings into a 2-4 page Word document.

You will use your research to discuss with group members and synthesize everyone’s findings and ideas into a cohesive report for Work Now.

You have part 1 & 2 and here is part 3:

Part 3: Make recommendations to the owner of Work Now identifying how the information in Part 1 & Part 2 can be distributed to applicants in a format that is easy to understand. Make sure you explain “why” this methodology is the best for both Work Now and for the job seeker.

So, absolutely NO Plagiarism, Group only consists of Part 1 & 2 with only 3-4 paragraph’s each and I must have an Individual Project that consists of what is mentioned above. This must be a Word Document as stated and 2-4 body pages.

So, this assignment consists of 2 (3-4) group paragraph’s and a 2-4 page Individual Project  word document paper your findings on topics 1-3.

This Must Be Plagiarism Free! All Citings when or where Necessary. All References as necessary or needed!

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