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Evaluate the choice of young adult males as a target for an Old Navy promotion.

Read these articles related to a mobile marketing campaign by Old Navy:
Behind the campaign: Old Navy goes after men in new ad push (2011, June 18). Advertising Age. Retrieved from
Compare this mobile marketing campaign to its predecessor, which also led to the departure of Old Navy’s marketing director:
Digital marketing works better for Millennials than TV (2012, January 24). Tech Journal. Retrieved from
Elliott, S. (2011, February 17). Old Navy replaces mannequins with music. New York Times. Retrieved from
Want to reach male shoppers? Target their phones (2011, June 13). Marketing Vox (June 13). Retrieved from
Case Assignment
Imagine you have been hired as a consultant to the VP of marketing for Old Navy, a subsidiary of Gap Inc. The VP wants to get an objective opinion from someone outside the company who is familiar with current marketing basics.
Your job is to write a short memo of 750-1500 words critically analyzing Old Navy’s promotion strategy. In particular, note that the company has decided to use online video instead of television. Make sure to address the following issues:
1. Evaluate the choice of young adult males as a target for an Old Navy promotion.
2. In choosing mobile media for this campaign, what assumptions were made about the viewing habits of this target? Do you believe these assumptions are valid? What would you recommend regarding this choice?
3. What do you think of the creative strategy chosen for this campaign? With the increasing popularity of social media, what would you recommend to Old Navy regarding its online promotion strategy? Explain why.
Do not spend a lot of time digging in the company’s website and do not just rehash what the company did; instead, introduce a critical perspective. Focus on the Case and Background reading as well as relevant background reading from Modules 1 and 2. There are no right answers; after all, you do not have inside information. You will be evaluated on your understanding of the background materials and your logic and reasoning. In particular, show your understanding of the way a change in target market affects the company’s promotion strategy. Also, give some thought as to how this campaign meshes with other elements of Old Navy’s marketing program, for example, merchandising (product management), store environment, and pricing, and where this all fits in GAP’s brand portfolio.
Assignment Expectations Regarding Your References and Defense of Your Positions
Write clearly, simply, and logically. Your memo should be 750-1500 words long, excluding title pages and references, but quality of writing is more important than length. Check the following link for business memo format:
Back up your positions or opinions with references to the required reading found in the Module 1-3 Backgrounds and Ongoing Useful Resources. In using those references, demonstrate your understanding of the concepts presented. Rather than grading on how much information you find, emphasis will be on the defense of the positions you take on the issues. Also remember that:
1. The “why” is more important than the “what.”
2. The defense of your positions on the issues is more important than the positions you take.
Do not repeat or quote definitions. Your use of the required reading to support your opinions (that is, contentions or positions) should demonstrate that you understand the concepts presented. Do not include definitions or summaries of the readings, or simply describe what the company did. Instead, your responses to the questions should be analytical and should demonstrate that (a) you understand the principles from the background reading and (b) you can apply them to this particular case. Vague, general answers will not earn a good grade.
Avoid redundancy and general statements such as “All organizations exist to make a profit.” Make every sentence count.
Paraphrase the facts using your own words and ideas, employing quotes sparingly. Quotes, if absolutely necessary, should rarely exceed five words.
When writing an academically oriented paper, you will uncover many facts about the product. If you paraphrase the facts, cite the sources in your text and link those citations to references at the end of the paper.

The following reading list provides background information on promotion and marketing communication.
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The following articles explain and illustrate the role of promotion in marketing decisions:
Beltrone, G. (2012). Ad of the day: J.C. Penney – Peterson Milla Hooks brings its poppy visual style to the retailer’s big new rebranding effort. Adweek (February 3). Retrieved from
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This article speaks to the limits of promotion:
Burkitt, L. (2011). A Chinese Brand Flounders in US. Wall Street Journal (December 20):B1.
These articles discuss online/mobile promotion:
Lopez, R. (2012) Sevenly hopes to change the world one t-shirt at a time. Los Angeles Times (January 25).
Mac, A. (2012). How to lose friends and alienate Twitter followers: 5 stupid social media mistakes. Fast Company (March 1). Retrieved from
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Mobile marketing: Location matters – but how much? (2012). Knowledge@Wharton (March 9). Retrieved from
Reda, S. (2012). Social gets down to business. Stores (March). Retrieved from
Stranahan, S.Q. (2011). Keeping up with posts and tweets down east. New York Times (December 7).
Check these Links on managing marketing information and research method:
Managing Marketing Information. (2014). Pearson Learning Solutions, New York, NY. Retrieved from
Managing Marketing Information (Audio). (2014). Pearson Learning Solutions, New York, NY. Retrieved from
Check the following links for proper APA citation and reference format:
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