Evaluate and use effective time management strategies.

Scenario: Talk Team UK is a London-based telephone banking company. The company has been performing badly for a long period of time. Its profit margin continues to fall and it has a large turnover of staff.
You have been hired for your business expertise. Your task is to identify current problems at the company and propose solutions that will motivate staff to stay at the company and perform their tasks effectively.
The following problems have been identified:
Most staff are paid 6.50 per hour (minimum wage). Staff are often required to work overtime, but are not paid for this extra work. There are rumours amongst staff that some employees are on a higher salary than the rest of their team, even though they perform the same tasks as their colleagues and have been at the company for the same length of time
The company offers very little in the way of training.
Promotions are rare, with the company generally choosing to hire better-qualified candidates from outside the company for higher-level positions
The management rarely communicates with employees. Some employees do not know the names of their colleagues. Staff meetings are held once a year and employees have reported feeling ignored and undervalued during these meetings.
Staff find it difficult to meet project deadlines and there is always a delay in handover of deliverables. It was observed that they leave the work too late and there is a final panic towards the end and the last few hectic hours often marred by errors.

Task:Discuss changes you would make at Talk Team UK in order to resolve above work based problems (clearly highlighting the appropriate communication and time management strategies
.1.Select solutions to work-based problems
.2.Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels
.3.Evaluate and use effective time management strategies.

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