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Ethics and leadership are important skills for the public health practitioner.Discuss

READ POWER POINTS and Attached documents FIRST before writing!

You have now been at your practicum site for 8 – 10 weeks. Please provide a written reflection of your experience so far.

Provide a one-page double-spaced response to each prompt below by Sunday,

July 19, at 11:59pm:

 Submit the 2-page reflection through the link in Bb (with the assignment link

under Course Documents). Submit parts 1 and 2 in one document.

 Include the organization name, department name and your name.

 Email it to your faculty sponsor. Do not cc us. We will receive a copy through


Part 1: Ethics and Leadership (approximately 1 page)

Ethics and leadership are important skills for the public health practitioner. Review the ethics presentation and Public Health Code of Ethics, as well as the leadership presentation and complete the Public Health Leadership & Management Self-Assessment. (All materials are available under Course Documents on Bb.)

Address the following:

 Considering the Public Health Code of Ethics and/or the Four Step Impact Assessment, analyze a situation or experience you have had at your practicum site that stands out to you in terms of ethics – positively or negatively.

 Considering the Public Health Leadership and Management Self-Assessment, evaluate how you are building upon your leadership strengths and developing in

areas of weakness through your practicum experience.

Part 2: Professional & Personal Growth (update since Reflection 1) (approximately 1 page)

We will apply Peter Pappas’ taxonomy of reflection as you share your final thoughts

regarding your practicum experience.

Think about your experience throughout the semester, from beginning to where you are now – address the following questions in the second page of your final reflection:

1. What is important about what you are doing this semester? 2. Where could you apply the knowledge and skills you are gaining in the future? 3. Do you notice any patterns? (This could be professional or personal – what have you noticed about yourself, your work habits, your work style, preferences, etc.) 4. How well are you doing? Put yourself in your preceptor’s shoes – how would you

evaluate your performance this semester so far? Be honest. 5. Based on this experience, what will you do next? (i.e., Has your practicum experience solidified career plans for you? Altered career plans? What will you do the same/differently in the future?)

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