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ENGLISHWrite a 300-word review of a restaurant. This must be an actual review of a restaurant that you’ve visited. I’ve attached a document containing the five shared criteria for evaluating writing. You will be graded on your ability to apply these to your writing. You will be specifically graded on your ability to write in complete sentences, vary your sentence types, and add variety to your sentences through the use of techniques found in chapter 22.See the guidelines below in an article written by Hanna Raskin.How to be a good critic on social mediaSo you want to be a restaurant critic? Try this guide to best practices for online commentary.By Lee Svitak Dean Star TribuneJULY 31, 2013 — 3:17PMYou love the new restaurant and want the world to know. So you log into Yelp to spread the message. And that’s where words fail you.“The food was great.”Well, that’s not going to convince me or others to head to the restaurant anytime soon.Hanna Raskin has come to the rescue of would-be critics with her new book on reviewing, “Yelp Help: How to Write Great Online Restaurant Reviews.” (Not sure what Yelp is? It’s an online forum where everyday people critique food, shopping and other businesses; find it at a longtime restaurant reviewer in a variety of locales, most recently Seattle, she has read her share of uninspired, inarticulate comments on Yelp, TripAdvisor and other online sites.“I think what happens frequently is that Yelpers use Yelp as a comment card rather than as a review,” said Raskin in an interview.“You may be unhappy that your server disappeared for 20 minutes, or that there was a smudge on the tablecloth. But the reality is that this may not recur for anyone else.”Better to focus on what others will experience as diners, said Raskin. That means writers need to park their egos at the door and not focus on their singular experience.“When I first started reviewing, I didn’t know what I was doing. There wasn’t a textbook on this,” Raskin said. Within the journalism world, reviewers often learned from their peers.“But a lot of people are getting started outside the traditional food writing community,” said Raskin, whose book may become just-the-right text for the at-home critic. The book is also worthwhile for bloggers and students, or anyone who wants to expand skills of critical analysis.While some professional reviewers ignore Yelp because of its populist commentary, Raskin embraces it, though not for the opinions. She uses the forum as a research tool, a way to discover unfamiliar restaurants or neighborhoods, or to find menu items that she will check out on her own as a reviewer. It was a serious Yelper, in fact, (her friend’s father, who Yelps often and thoughtfully) who inspired the book.“Yelp is a great starting point. A lot of communities don’t have reviewers, so Yelp can be a first look at restaurants,” she said.

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