Emerging Tech Paper on Paperless Pay System (Information Management System Course)

Emerging Tech Paper on Paperless Pay System (Information Management System Course)Paper details:Research ProjectIMGT 2400There are currently a myriad of emerging technologies with long-range effects for business and the trend is for new developments to continue. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore these technologies without giving their competitors the leading advantage. Along with these technologies are the trailblazers who are responsible for the development or evolution of these innovations.For this project, you are to choose a technology that interests you or the person behind the innovation. Pick a technology that is in the state of evolving or something brand new. It could be something that will change the way we are currently using technology or an industry specific innovation that is technology based. Regardless of your choice, you will have to bridge it to business in general or a specific industry.For this project you will write an informational report where your purpose is to inform your audience. Your object is to collect and organize facts in an orderly manner.Topic and ReportThis is an emerging technology project. Emerging means that it is not yet readily available in the marketplace. I would like you to find something that is not currently in wide use. There are a number of areas you can look into to find these topics. Don’t limit yourself to computer technology. There are a number of advancements in computers and networking but also in areas such as energy, medicine, medical procedures, transportation, communication, manufacturing, logistics, etc. You may also look at ethical issues that rise from advancements in technology. Some examples of some past projects include advances in space travel, teleportation, wireless energy transport, 3D printing of various items, alternate fuel/energy sources, advances in medicine and medical procedures. As you choose your topic, keep in mind that your report is a record of your research. Your report will include a title page and reference page with a minimum of five sources. Three of those sources must be scholarly or professional – not just from a google search.NOTE: MY SPECIFIC RESEARCH IS“Emerging Tech Paper on Paperless System”Written ReportYou will use in-text citations following the APA documentation style. Document all paraphrased and quoted materials. Make sure you put direct quotations in quotation marks. The five sources listed on the reference page must be cited in your report.Your report will be created using MS Word. The report should be set up with sub-titles and should answer such questions as:• What is the technology: explain what it is; its history i.e. did it develop from another technology or is it a brand new technology that might be replacing an older technology.• How is it used• Who uses it• Who developed it i.e. what company or individual(s) and why• What is/are the cost(s) associated with using this technology• What effect will this have on an industry, business in general or consumer behavior (forward looking) and any additional information of your choosingYour report should be a FOUR double-spaced pages. This four-page minimum does not include the title page or reference page

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