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EI Key to Effective Performance

EI Key to Effective Performance
Comments: an organization can learn much from the emotional intelligence of others and focus on how there can be positive benefits (significance) on the organization.
Molding others:
The emotional intelligence of one person greatly varies from another person. There are those whose self-regulation, self-awareness and social skills can be pegged to be good than others. An organization can strive to mold those with poor emotional intelligence by using those with good to couch them and be their mentors.
Maximum implementation
In the article, there is a case whereby experienced partners with above average emotional intelligence factors made $ 1.2 more than other partners. Such exceptional conducts can be encouraged by giving the partners concerned incentives. In so doing, utmost emotional intelligence can be implemented in an organization and maximum proceeds can be realized.
People learn everyday. Emotional intelligence can be improved. An organization can achieve this by putting its employees into occasional business-related tests whereby the best performers win big prizes. It can be a motivation and all the employees can strive hard to win the prizes. The employees can use the skills learnt in the conduct of the organizations business. While it could be like give money back ( to plough back) the company can reap greatly from it in terms of increased net profit.
Examples of each
Molding others
Instead of putting experienced business partners together during sales, an organization can put inexperienced business partners under the supervision of an experienced one. The inexperienced ones can learn great business tips from the experienced ones and later can work on their own or couch other inexperienced employees in future.
Maximum implementation
Incentives (motivational gifts) can be given to the business partners who register the best returns. It could in form on liquid money, prizes such as automobiles or even free vacation trips. This can be a good form of motivation as the business partners can try their level best to outdo other business partners.
An organization can follow inexperienced business partners on their sale trips, of course assuming they are buyers and challenge the sales partners to convince them to purchase whatever the goods are on sale: thereby listening to their business skills. Later, they can polish those skills and when are polish-shined the sales partners can then embark to sales trips on their own.
Three points that I’ve Learned
Positive view of critiques
Critiques are thrown to us so that we can mold ourselves and do our best. In the case of Margret, her colleagues described her as brilliant but difficult to deal with. Her colleagues did not haste her but wanted her to change her attitude. It’s always said that a person takes care of the good things while his or her critics take care of the bad ones. It’s the comment about Margret that made her seek the emotional intelligence coaching; albeit after being demoted to a level she felt she wasn’t supposed to be (Charles). After the E.I coaching, she was promoted to a senior position and her input was recognized by the chairman of her company. If she wasn’t criticized, she could have got the promotion.
Control of emotions
In an organization, the workers should take emotional intelligence lessons on can be flexible to management changes, work out smoothly with their colleagues and settle down touchy issues with their superiors.
Identifying feelings of other people
People whether employed or not should strive to identify the feelings of leaders or persons in key positions, figure out the reasons that trigger those feelings and use their capabilities to link to those feelings to enhance a smooth working business environment.

Work Cited
Charles, Wolfe. The Practice of Emotional Intelligence Coaching in Organizations: A Hands-On Guide to Successful Outcomes. Connecticut: Praeger, 2007.

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