Edit information about alien hand syndrome based on research and evaluation.

edit information about alien hand syndrome based on research and evaluation .Find intervention approach to the occupation based equipment such as folding towel or other one.
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Are Occupation based intervention based on involve bilateral hand use such as in folding laundry, effective treatment for Alien Hand Syndrome?
In my clinical fieldwork I saw a 19-year-old girl who suffered from Alien Hand Syndrome. She had been bedridden for 2 years. She had to loosen it with her free hand, finger by finger, until it released and she was left sharing at a hand that suddenly didnt feel like her own.
Alien hand syndrome is a rare neurological disorder in which ones hand functions involuntary, completely unaware of its actions. Parents retain all sense of feeling in the alien hand, but they often describe feelings or disassociation. Parents may also exhibit strange behaviors, such as speaking to the hand.
It can affect ADLs and IADLs performance. OT wants to help this patient to coordinate her hands with feelings of sensation and bring full function back.

However, during the practice I observed that OT and PT completed ROM exercisers,played games such as Twister and did massages.
I am interested if OT could provide a specific treatment or intervention that would help similar patient in the near term.

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