Does hand washing of healthcare providers prevent infections within the hospital setting? Explain.

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Assignment: Review of the Literature
Write out an 8 page literature review using the attached annotative bibliography
Length of Paper:8 pages maximum (excluding title page, references, appendices, etc…) and the only one I need you to do is an appendix along with the 8 pages.

Their will only be five sources used within this paper and I will upload them and attach in the form of an annotated bibliography as attached files. If you are having trouble accessing the article then please message me and I will send it to you directly, do not send me a final copy if you cannot access the articles, please message me if their are any issues. Use these five sources and review the articles, relate them to nursing practice, and the topic of my clinical question “Does hand washing of healthcare providers prevent infections within the hospital setting?”

Details of the paper include:
Statement of Problem/Research Question to be addressed
a. Description of the topic of interest including background information.
b. Rationale and significance of the problem to be addressed.

Literature Review
a. Use a variety of peer-reviewed sources (5 attached for you)
b. Critically appraise the studies used and the level of available evidence on the topic of choice.
c. Synthesis the evidence in your own words, not a series of direct quotes.
d. Give a clear description of the knowledge gap identified on the topic of interest.
e. Include a description of search strategies used (attach in an appendix).
f. Use tables to summarize the information on the studies (attach in an appendix).

Relevance of the literature review to nursing practice and health care
a. Discuss how the literature findings on the topic can be utilized or applied to practice, the nursing profession and/or health care system. Be specific
b. Provide a clear and substantive conclusion to your paper. 20%
Scholarly Format (Grade reductions for grammar, APA, late submission, etc…)
a. Ideas are presented fluently and make sense
b. Ideas logically flow from one idea to the next
c. Appropriate APA formatting is used
d. Appropriate APA referencing is used
e. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is evident
f. The paper is presented neatly and legibility
g. Page length is adhered to

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