Divorce a Problem Affecting the Family

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Divorce a Problem Affecting the Family
There are so many social problems which are affecting social institutions like Family, Education, Government, Economy, and Religion. Some of these problems are too controversial and people may not even know how to solve them. Divorce and separation is one issue which has extensively affected the family as a social institution. Divorce and separation occurs when the parents decide either willingly or unwilling to part ways (Fagan & Rector, 2000). This means that the family is no more. The most affected people in case of a divorce are the children since they may be confused on which direction they can go. Separation and divorce and all other issues which result in to it cause a lot of instability to the family. It has been confirmed that divorce is much more stressful to the family even that the death of one of the family members. The most affected in case of divorce are children since they have the fear of being abandoned by one of the parents (Ejustice, 2011). The children may even lose direction since proper parenting is likely to be ignored. Parents are also likely to be hostile towards their children and sometimes beat them up to relief their anger.
Divorce is a very controversial aspect and affects every member of the family and even sometimes affects members of the extended family. It affects the family in such a way changes occur as pertaining where the members live and with whom they live, their living standards, assets and liabilities, emotional happiness and the length of time one is able to spend with his/her children or the other members of the family (Ejustice, 2011). Although divorce is considered to be a very traumatizing effect, and always bringing negative effects, sometimes it has been found to bring positive impacts. For instance, divorce can bring to an end a relationship which is abusive or unhealthy. Studies have shown that in case of a divorce, their effect are different depending on circumstances, situations and is different for men and women. Men and women are impacted differently by divorce although there is no standard way pertaining how women or men are affected. There was a study done by one sociologist in the late 1990s which showed that for women, experience around 73% deterioration of their living standards within the first one year following a divorce (Ejustice, 2011). This is in contrary to men who are likely to have their living standards improved as their financial status is likely to be better. Statistics show that men are likely to experience around 42% improvement in their standards of living (Ejustice, 2011). In other words divorce affects the financial status in a family but they can be resolved in courts especially when children are involved.
Studies which have dealt with the emotional effects caused by divorce to both men and women have proved that men are more adversely emotionally affected by divorce than women. This is associated with the support which is given to women. There are so many support networks which are available to women after divorce compared to those available to men. Divorce comes with very strong emotional effects to the family as whole and they should be handled with a lot of care as they can even result to divorce (Ejustice, 2011). When seeking for legal intervention after divorce especially concerning family property, the family is highly hit since it determines the fate of property acquired during the marital period and even determines the role of each parent in the lives of the children. Any decision made about children support and the role of each parent can affect the family adversely especially if one spouse feels the other one has been favored.
As sated earlier, divorce affects the family and is more stressful than the death of one of the family members. Every one in the family is affected especially the children since despite the fact that the parents are divorced; the children are still together and love their parents equally. Children find themselves in a very difficult situation since they may be required to make a choice about the parent they would want to be with. The reason as to why divorce is considered to be a major problem in the family as a social organization is that one in every two marriages ends up in divorce. In the families where divorce mostly occurs, there are children or teenagers. Parents may be relieved and happy after a divorce because their relationship could have been unhappy but the children end up in confusion (Ejustice, 2011). To avoid this confusion among children, it is advisable for parents to let their children know what is happening.
Whenever a decision to divorce is made, there are so many changes and disruptions which occur to the family (Fagan & Rector, 2000). The mostly affected areas in the family after divorce include; first is finances since there is a very high likelihood that the man is going to be given the responsibility of taking care of two families. It will be more expensive for the man to support his wife when they live in separate homes. Second is the career of both parties since they are more likely to spend more time dealing with divorce related matters and hence lose concentration on their jobs. Lose of concentration may force the employer to considering firing the particular person. Third is emotional since the couple will spend most of the time quarreling, arguing, in depression, sadness, and anger. The affected individuals mostly suffer from issues like lack of concentration in whatever they are doing, nightmares, problematic sleep, fatigue, mood swing, anxiety, tenseness, nausea, gain/lose of weight and somatic complaints.
Any particular time when parents get to a point where they may feel that divorce is necessary, children are their major concern. They concerned whether or not their children will live healthy and happy lives. The effect divorce has on children is depended on the age of the child at the time of divorce, gender, personality, intensity of conflict between the parents and the level of support provided by the children’s family, friends or professionals (University of New Hampshire, 2011). For children below the age of two years, there has been no identified effect by divorce unless the bond between the child and the parents is completely broken. Though infants do not understand any conflict which is occurring due to divorce, they may be reactive to the mood of their parents. The effects may be shown as lose of appetite, and stomach upset (University of New Hampshire, 2011).
For preschool children, blame themselves for conflicts between their parents and are very afraid that they may be abandoned or left alone (University of New Hampshire, 2011). During this time, they start babyish behavior like bed wetting or are aggressive, disobedient, depressed and angry most of the time (University of New Hampshire, 2011). School aged children have been found to be the most affected in case of a divorce. This is because despite the fact that they understand all the conflict between their parents, they do not know how to control their reactions and pain (University of New Hampshire, 2011). They mostly get embarrassed, resent but playing with others assists them to relieve these feelings. They always wish that their parents may get back and have a sense of rejection from the parents who has left due to divorce. Adolescents may be forced to take responsibility of their young siblings. They suffer from fear, anger, loneliness, depression and guilt. They may also lose confident in getting married and starting their own families (University of New Hampshire, 2011). Since they can clearly understand every thing and are able to remember everything, their ability to cope with disorientations occurring in the family is compromised.
Divorce has been found to have very adverse effects on the society at large and even the culture of a particular society. It has affected the culture in that, in the early days divorce was considered to be a social taboo as one or both members were considered incapable of keeping the family together (Fagan & Rector, 2000). However, with the drastic increase in divorce cases, this is no longer a taboo but something which can happen anytime one feel unsatisfied. With increasing cases of divorce, there is increased emotional instability and the level of crimes in the society is increasing. Divorce is affecting the way children grow up hence destroying the future leaders of the society. Since young people know that they can get divorce anytime they feel like, they are getting married without knowing each other well. The society is being filled with single parents who are resulting from divorce. There has been a lot of moral degradation which is arising from divorce. Children who suffer from divorce and get to be brought up by single parents miss the moral support which is provided when both parents bring up their children together (Fagan & Rector, 2000). A high number of children from divorced families have been highly involved in robbery and drug abuse.
To conclude, divorce is one problem which is affecting the family, culture and the society at large. Is something is not done about the alarming rates of divorce, there is going to be a high intensity of social problems. It is the responsibility of the society to come up with the right ways to restore the sanctity of marriage or otherwise children are going to continue suffering from broken families.
Mini Essay Two
Problems Caused by Modern Science and Technology in Religion
There have been a lot of problems caused by modern science and technology to religion as a social institution. The problems arise when trying to incorporate the ideologies brought about by modern science and technology to the ideologies of ancient beliefs of religion. There are problems of ignorance, self righteousness and hypocrisy which are facing religion followers especially those who have the knowledge of the modern science and technology (Anonymous, 2011). There are so many questions which human beings try to answer about religion. Some of these questions include; the creators of the world, where people go after they die, and how can human beings know whatever is happening in the world. In the ancient times, people believed so much on different gods who they believed to be very powerful. Human beings believed that God and His angels lived in heaven and people go there after they die. The Bible talked of the earth as flat and is shaped like a gigantic dinner plate. This is what the ancient religion believers knew and had no doubt about it since they believed in everything written in the bible. They believed that the earth was supported by four pillars which were in a water of chaos. There was also the ancient explanation as to where the rain originated from. It was explained that the clouds are in form of hammered metal dome which is covered by tiny hole and once they open, the water in the chaos fall in form of rain.
Modern science and technology has come with its explanations about the earth. It is from the knowledge of science and technology that proves has been found that the earth is not like a dinner plate and the sky is not like a gigantic. The knowledge from science and technology shows that the Bible which was used for ancient religion had many mistakes. In the modern world people worship the Bible or the Qur’an as if it was as holy as God Himself. Modern science and technology has come with a lot of ignorance especially when it comes to the interpretation of the Holy books. All in all, we cannot blame science and technology for the problems it is causing on religion (Anonymous, 2011). However, the problem is arising due to the misuse of the knowledge from by human beings. Modern science and technology helps do things in the easy way especially when it comes to treating of illnesses. However, there are some aspects of science and technology which are becoming a problem to religion as a social institution. For instance we talk about the issue of test tube babies. The ancient beliefs of religion were that God is the only creator but in the modern day, human beings are using knowledge from modern science and technology to come up with living things. This sometimes is affecting the society and the culture since not many people feel comfortable with this issue. The problem comes when people ask themselves whether this is a right thing to do or not. To incorporate this activity in religious beliefs is becoming problematic.
There is a problem when it comes to making modern science and technology to be compatible to religion. Due to new technology, secular music is being sang in churches and religious places but the extend as to whether this is right or not is a subject yet to be agreed upon. Most of the things resulting from science and technology raise many questions whether or not they are in line religion (Anonymous, 2011). There has been a lot criticism about the practices arising due to improvements science and technology. Modern science and technology has led to erosion of the culture which is highly valued by religion. Practices of science and technology have resulted to a lot of doubt in religious practices. Science has come up with things like abortion which are not tolerated by religious belief. There has been a lot of debate on whether this should be accepted in religion or not.
Dressing code has also changed a pertaining modern science and technology. In the ancient times, there was the correct and accepted dressing code in the church and religious places. With technology, many people have decided to adapt to the western culture and dress according to their own pleasure. This has reduced the morals values which were very highly regarded in churches and other religious places. It is due to this bad dressing code that has resulted to moral degradation in the society (Anonymous, 2011). There are so many immoral activities happening in religious places which are making it difficulty for religion accommodate them. Issues of cloning are raising questions pertaining its legality in religious aspects.
It has become a very difficult issue to make religion and modern science and technology compatible. As far as modern science and technology has brought positive aspects in the society, there are some of its happenings which are not in line with the cultural practices of society. Modern science and technology is affecting the whole society. Both science and religion have the aim of finding out the truth through well motivated beliefs (Anonymous, 2011). The difference which occurs between the two is that science uses impersonal, physical world while religion uses transpersonal reality of God. The problem is that those same people who are getting involved in science are still supposed to get involved religion. The problem with making the two compatible is that some activities associated with science and technology are considered a taboo when it comes to religion.
Acts of technology have been considered as sinful in the eyes of religion. When man sinned in the Garden of Eden, God gave him the punishment to eat from his sweat. The use of modern science and technology has made man swift from what God wanted from him. Instead of man working, he is using machine form of technology to do work for him. This is considered to be against religion since this is not what God wanted (Anonymous, 2011). It is through technology that man can do things that he could not have done on his own. Man uses modern science and technology to exploit nature which sometimes goes beyond what is accepted by religion, society and culture. When modern science and technology came up, people stopped using spiritual images in designing their calendar of events but other wise started using machines and mechanical arts to design their calendars.
Religion is an aspect which affects the entire society and their way of life. Therefore, if modern science and technology is a problematic issue to religion, then it is also a problematic issue to society and culture. Modern science and technology has brought about the issue using contraceptives (Anonymous, 2011). This has affected the societal culture and the religious beliefs where God is the only person who can control reproduction. There are some religious beliefs where usage of contraceptives is considered a sin and is not welcome. Since most people use them and at the same time follow religion, there is that dilemma of whether it should be permitted in religious beliefs or not (Winston & Edelbach, 2008). Science and technology has come with internets in which people can access all sort of information and watch any type of movies. There is the aspect of people watching phonographic movies in the internet or even in televisions at their homes and the next minute they are in religious meetings (Anonymous, 2011). This has been found to contribute to moral behaviors in the churches.

With technology, many evil crimes are being committed starting with bombings where masses of individuals have been killed. Technology has changed the society from one where people loved and respected one another to a place where people attack one another to show their advancement in technology (Winston & Edelbach, 2008). Pollution has also been very problematic to the society. This is something which never existed before technology. Sometimes bombings can occur in the religious gatherings where one is against that particular gathering (Anonymous, 2011). As far as modern science and technology has come with many positive impacts, the negative impacts cannot be ignored. It has completely transformed the society and led to erosion of the culture. It makes it possible to carry out some activities which are against God’s commandment and against the cultural practices of the ancient society. People have found short cuts of doing things but some of these new methods are not culturally acceptable.

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