DiscussionFor this Discussion Board, you are required to:1. Post at least 5 thoughtful questions you will ask your Interviewee for your Interview Assignment. Read the information under the “Interview Assignment” tab for help brainstorming questions.2. After reviewing Chapter 11, post at least 2 strategies identified in Chapter 11 that you will use to gain the most out of your interview and/or interviewee. Also post why you plan to employ this strategy and what you hope to gain from it.YOUR INITIAL POST MUST BE IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT:QUESTIONS: Assignment Tips: Prepare your questions in advance. Research the firm/company prior to your interview. Your interviewee is taking time out of his/her schedule, and you should repay this extremely generous favor by being well prepared and not wasting time asking questions you could have answered by doing some research on their firm/company. Phrase your questions to elicit an open-ended response. Even if your interviewee answers with a yes or no, ask a follow-up question to allow him/her to elaborate. Ask one question at a time and be sure to let the interviewee answer thoroughly. Be familiar with the vocabulary of the field so that you are able to understand the terms your interviewee might use. Be prepared to record your interviewee’s responses in some way. Take a notebook for jotting down answers, or, even better, take a device to record the interview. Be sure to get the interviewee’s permission to record the interview. Spend a few minutes after the interview to reflect, go over your notes and make sure you can read your notes. Immediately after the interview, while everything is still fresh in your mind, is the time to recall information that you were not able to record during the interview. It is always polite to send a thank you note after the interview. Not only will the interviewee appreciate this, but a good impression may help you with your job search later. Proofread your work! If you need to correct grammar or phrasing in the answers, you should do so. Make sure you turn in a polished paper. Suggested Questions: We will talk about suggested questions as a class, but try to ask questions about a variety of topics, for example: – Background – education, why they decided to make this career choice, have they had jobs outside the field of law – Employment – how long they’ve had their job, how they got their job, the structure of their firm, type of work done, role of technology (calendaring systems, computers, PDAs, legal research), management of the firm and interactions with managers/employees – Career questions – typical day, likes and dislikes about their job, interactions with clients, interactions with other people in the office, role of ethics in their daily work, favorite client/case/work they have done, continuing education – Paralegals – how are paralegals used in their office, how important are paralegals, roles and responsibilities of paralegals – Future – where do they see the profession going, where do they see themselves in the future, will they stay in their job – Personal advice for you – what kinds of skills should a paralegal have, suggested courses, how to find a job that is a good fit for you – Questions about their area of the law that you are particularly interested in.

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