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Discuss what recommendations would you make to each of the three U.S. MNCs regarding whether to enter Vietnam, mode of entry, and timing?

Case Analysis Instructions
Read the case “Vietnam: Market Entry Decision” posted on the class website on Moodle.
Prepare a 3 to 4-page case analysis report of “Vietnam: Market Entry Decision”. You can
include as many pages as you like in the appendix. You can use the suggested case
analysis format attached on the next page as your guideline. In your report, be sure to
address the following questions:
1. Does Vietnam represent an attractive investment opportunity?
2. What recommendations would you make to each of the three U.S. MNCs
regarding whether to enter Vietnam, mode of entry, and timing?
3. What factors will determine the success of MNCs in Vietnam?
The report is to be submitted by email to before 11:59pm on Thursday,
May 7, 2015.
I have posted the following three files on Moodle:
Notes on analyzing a case abridged.ppt
Resources for case analysis revised.doc
A sample case analysis report (Colgate-Palmolive)
Suggested Case Analysis Format
Major Divisions of the Written Report
Your report should be divided into three major parts. Each part should be designated by a
Roman Numeral and labeled as follows:
I. Statement of the Problem – What is the central issue(s) in this case?
II. Analysis – This is the heart of the report. Analysis involves the identification, and
analysis, of the issues or forces which must be considered in order to ‘solve’ the problem.
This, in turn, requires marshalling evidence and evaluating the significance of this
evidence. Additionally, analysis requires determination of the relative importance of each
issue or force.
Analytic Presentation:
1. Make your report consist of analysis, rather than mere restatement of the facts
in the case.
2. Show clearly how each particular issue or force affects the problem.
3. Do not present only the arguments that support your decision. The purpose of
the analysis is to find the best decision possible; hence, all aspects of the
problem must be developed, regardless of the decision they suggest. In some
instances you may wish to consider in the analysis alternatives other than your
own solution.
III. Recommendations – This section should present a (succinct) summary of the
conclusions reached concerning each of the major elements of the case. The conclusion
must be accompanied by a brief plan of action and should not be a reiteration of all the
arguments presented in the analysis.
Mechanics of the Report
Written cases will be evaluated on both form and substance. Effective display and correct
handling of mechanical details will add prestige and conviction to your reports. No font
size or line spacing is specified. Choose a layout that makes the report look professional.

this is the resoreses:
“Analyzing a Case Study and Writing a Case Study Analysis”
“SWIF Learning A Guide to Student-Written, Instructor-Facilitated Case Writing”:
There are two sections in this article that you might find useful. A section in the
beginning talks about what a case study is and why use study cases. A section near the
end is on “Sources of Information for Case Writing and Analysis”. It discusses both
library and web resources.
I have also posted a sample case analysis report on Moodle..

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