Discuss the tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare

Do not retell the story, analyze the play based on its literary values. You are to analyze any play found in our Literature textbook as long as we have not discussed it at length in class. Minimum 3 (three) full pages text plus one page Works Cited, 12 point Comic Sans font, double spaced, approximately one inch margins all around. This paper must conform to properly documented MLA format, with at least three (3) parenthetical references within the text and at least three (3) separate entries on your Works Cited page, primarily to demonstrate your extensive topical research. 1)  Your fourth and final essay will be on one or more plays from our \n\ntextbook Literature, and will be our only essay requiring independent \n\nresearch as well as full use of MLA documentation, both in footnotes and in \n\nthe Works Cited page. \n\n. \n\n2)  Your topic can be any literary element or series of elements in the drama \n\nwhich we have covered so far in this course, including but not limited to the \n\nfollowing: theme, plot, foreshadowing, irony, characterization, or symbolism. \n\n3)  Special requirements: To demonstrate your ability to use research \n\ntechniques, it is imperative that in the body of your paper you make use of \n\nat least three appropriate quotations from your research sources, and that \n\nyou include in your paper’s text at least three properly documented \n\nparenthetical references and on your Works Cited page at least three \n\nproperly documented appropriate sources from learned journals.  This \n\nrequirement is primarily to demonstrate your extensive topical research. \n\nWikipedia and any similarly undocumented sources are \n\nspecifically prohibited as sources for this essay.\n\n4)   Take all pains and make every personal effort to avoid even the \n\nslightest possible hint of plagiarism.  If you borrow an idea from another \n\nwriter, give that writer credit for it in the body of your essay and properly \n\ndocument the source in your footnote and on your Works Cited page.  \n\nEvidence of overt plagiarism can automatically nullify all the benefits of any \n\nwriting that you ever formally submit during your entire lifetime.   \n\n5)    Your essay must be double spaced, all pages numbered in the upper \n\nright corner, and in addition to the Works Cited page should be at least \n\nthree full pages long, with no upper limit, employing Comic Sans \n\nMF 12-point font.  (With this format and depending on margin width, \n\nyour word count will usually be approximately 300 words per page.)  Your \n\nname and essay title should appear as part of your heading on the top left \n\ncorner of page one of your essay and should not be in quotes, italicized or \n\nunderlined.  Except for first words, don’t capitalize any definite articles or \n\nprepositions in your essay’s title.  Your full name, your essay’s title, date of \n\nsubmission, Course number, ENC 1102 and class section should all appear \n\nin the upper left hand corner of the first page of your essay.  All pages \n\nshould be sequentially numbered with the page digit on the upper right \n\nhand corner of each page.

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