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Discuss the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) toward the shareholders.

The Assignment Task:

Conduct an investigation into any business organization in any country and do the following tasks:

1. Discuss the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards the stakeholders. Critically evaluate the organization applying the roles of CSR.

2. Critically evaluate the challenges of business ethics and its implications to the organisation’s stakeholders.

Assignment Assessment Criterial

Weight Description Criteria

15 a. Background of the organization (10 marks)

b. Objectives of the assignment (5 marks Introduction

30 a. Discuss the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) toward the shareholders. (10) marks)

b. Critically evaluate the organisation’s application of CSR principles and practice and their implications for the organisation’s stakeholders. (20 marks) Corporate Social Responsibility

35 a. Discussion on the Theories of business ethics in relation to:

1) Employees

2) Consumers

3) Government (10 marks)

b. Application of the specified theories to the challenges. (25 marks) Business Ethics

10 Summary of discussion Conclusion

10 Implementation of Harvard referencing system (minimum 10 references). Reference

100 Total

Guidelines to Students:

Style and Format

Write down the exact number of words at the end of your essay. Your may include diagrams, figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed. The first page must be designed as a cover page name, student ID and batch. Computer format is compulsory. Make sure you use a consistent format for your essay (font, font size, margins etc.


Referencing Style for the Assessment

In the text of your assignment if you quote directly from an article, journal or book this should appear in quotation marks

(“…”). The source should then be acknowledged by stating the author’s last name and date in brackets at the end of the quotation, e.g. (Rushmore & de Roos, 2002).

If toe paraphrase or reword from a journal, article or book the source should either be acknowledged within the sentence, e.g.

According to kasavana& Brooks (2001), revenue management is… …or at the end of the sentence before the full stop, e.g. (Kasavana& Brooks, 2001).

At the end of the assignment all references should be listed on a separate page headed REFERENCES. Make sure that all teferences are complete; and that all references mentioned in the text are given in the list of references and vice versa. Any items not cited should be listed separately under BIBLIOGRAPHY or FURTHER READING using the Harvard referencing style.

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