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Discuss the role of consumer animosity relating to a product of your choice ( Product that available in KUWAIT)


Assessment 1 – Individual tutorial presentation (30%) – Learning outcomes 1 & 2

This assessment is to be undertaken individually during the tutorials with the student presenting facilitating the discussion of one of the discussion question topics outlined below.

ALL students are expected to have prepared detailed written solutions to the tutorial question listed below each week (not only when you are presenting) for the tutorial discussion. When answering the questions, include identification and discussion of relevant international marketing theories and concepts to support your answers.

In week 1, students will be required to choose their preferred questions for presentation. Please note, only two (or three) students are permitted to present each week (due to time restrictions).

Minimum requirements for the written and class presentation assessment are:

1. A detailed solution to the agreed questions for presentation and discussion covering the following criteria:

 Your supporting reasons

 Identification of the relevant international marketing theories or concepts from at least four (4) relevant secondary references (journal articles, newspapers, magazines etc.). Please note, at least two (2) of the sources must be academic journal articles. Re-stating the content of the textbook, lecture material or the textbook chapters is unacceptable. Students need to demonstrate that they can read and extract useful information from academic papers.

 Identification of your own examples of application of the relevant theories.

 Use of relevant maps, graphs, statistics and samples (e.g. samples of product(s) and its promotion) are encouraged.

2. A class presentation (maximum duration of 12 minutes) followed by leading a short class discussion (minimum duration 5 minutes, tutor will stop discussion if needed). The material must be presented. Reading directly from notes is not permitted and students must actively facilitate a class discussion. “Are there any questions?” is NOT considered class facilitation. Students failing to conduct a class discussion will have marks deducted.

Please note: Extensions will not be available for this assessment task. Students that cannot present on their nominated week will have to formally apply for special consideration. If approved, the students will be allowed to present during the tutorial in week 12.

Important: Refer to Appendix B of this Subject Guide for the presentation marking-rubric.

Country of origin

discuss the role of consumer animosity relating to a product of your choice ( Product that available in KUWAIT) include the relevant theories in your discussion, as well as any implications for marketing in the chosen product/country.

Part A (Annotated bibliography task)

you are required to submit an annotated bibliography which basically summarises contrasting perspectives or approaches from the scholarly research. You must paraphrase at least THREE (3) recent peer reviewed or scholarly articles.

You are required to do the following for each source:

*Identify the source (eg the article) in Harvard format

*Paraphrase the author key theories, research approach and findings

*Discuss and critique the underpinning theorise, arguments and point out potential strengths and limitation to the author perspective( found in the introduction or literature review section of the article).

*What methodology was used, how data was gathered? Comment on this.

*Identify what the author found and concluded. No direct quotes.

Once this has been completed, you need to articulate your own thoughts on what you found in the reviewed literature.

Words: Approx. 1000

Part B (essay)

Having completed the annotated bibliography task, and received feedback, you will then complete your essay by undertaking more extensive research on the chosen essay topic. the material from part A can be integrated into the essay.

The essay should have in-text references where appropriate and a reference list at the end. you must include at least six academic journal papers in your essay

Word limit: 1500 not including reference list.

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