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Discuss the relationship between prostitution and sex trafficking.

Project description
Assignment 3 Minor Research Paper

Weighting: 25% of final grade

Length: 1500 words (approximately 7 pages. Do NOT include the title page or reference list as part of the word count.)

Due: After Unit 4

Read Paola Monzinis (2005) book, Sex Traffic: Prostitution, Crime and Exploitation, which is included in your course package. Using this book as the primary source for your analysis, discuss the relationship between prostitution and sex trafficking. Your analysis should examine causes, consequences, and prevalence rates as well as factors such as the impact of globalization on the sex industry, the effects of poverty on womens migration choices, and the mechanics and evolution of the sex industry. Conclude with a discussion of the ways in which a human rights perspective might translate into positive action to eliminate the trafficking of girls and women.

In addition to Monzini (2005), your minor research paper must include references to 5-7 other resources that support your arguments. You will also incorporate additional required readings from the course as well as additional resources, which may come from the References and Supplementary Readings list at the end of each unit. If you choose to go beyond these items, ensure that the references you select are drawn from reputable resources. Reputable resources include articles from refereed academic journals (see AUs online journal database or print-based journals), published books or book chapters, and/or reputable online resources such as Statistics Canada, United Nations, and/or World Health Organization websites.

You must use the APA style of documentation. See the link on the course site for information on APA style guidelines.

Before beginning this assignment, take a few minutes to review the Evaluation Guidelines for Womens and Gender Studies 422 Assignments, Remarking Womens and Gender Studies 422 Assignments, Tips on Writing Essays and Research Papers, and the Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct sections in Course Information. If you have any difficulties preparing this assignment, contact your tutor immediately.

When you have completed your research paper, ensure that you make or keep a copy for your records. Upload your completed work and retrieve the graded file with feedback from your tutor.
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****Please do use the simple sentence structure, do not use too many Complex Sentence. and also please read the unit 1-4 i uploaded.
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Required Readings Available Online

Section 1.2
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Section 1.3
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Section 2.4
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Section 3.1
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Section 3.3
Bergen, R. K. (2004). Studying Wife Rape: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future. Violence Against Women, 10(12), 1407-1416.
Section 3.4
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Section 3.5
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Section 4.3
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Weitzer, R. (2005). Flawed theory and method in studies of prostitution. Violence Against Women, 11(7), 934-949.
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